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If you are planning a trip to Guam, you will likely want to know more about some of the best times to visit this tropical island. Weather is a major consideration for many travelers, as are events, festivals and transportation options. Finding the least expensive time to travel is yet another factor to consider when looking at Guam vacation packages. Guam travel tips addressing many of these issues are found below.

The climate on Guam is moderate and considerably constant throughout the year. For this reason, tourism in Guam can take place during almost any month. Temperatures are usually in the high 80's, with the coldest days being only in the mid 60's. The island does experience extreme humidity, however, which can add to the sensation of heat for many travelers. Like many tropical islands, Guam experiences two major seasons; a wet season and a dry season. The wet season begins in July and goes through December, while the dry season begins in January and goes through June.

Since the difference in weather between the wet and dry season is only subtly noticed by most tourists, travelers may consider traveling during the wet season to find the lowest rates on Guam vacation packages. Guam vacation packages can include airfare, accommodation and rental car fees, and the best deals will generally be obtained by booking a trip well in advance or during the rainy season. Transportation on Guam is generally confined to travel via car. Travelers should note that an exceptionally high incidence of typhoons do pass through Guam, although the island is well prepared for such events. Buildings are constructed with concrete bunkers to battle the strong winds, and islanders are usually given a two or three day warning before a storm hits. Travelers will do well to check weather reports and other Guam travel tips when possible just prior to travel.

While many travelers attempt to avoid bad weather by heeding important Guam travel tips, still others plan their trips around festivals and other popular Guam tourist attractions. One of the major holidays in Guam and central events for tourism in Guam is Liberation Day on July 21st. The large festival is celebrated with carnivals, fireworks and more, and is one of the main Guam tourist attractions and a great time to plan a trip to the island. The week leading up to the festival is full of exotic celebrations and elaborate feasts that combine the history and cultures of this diverse Pacific island.

If you plan your trip to Guam to see Guam tourist attractions such as museums or enjoy beach activities, you really won't find a bad time to visit. Most days in Guam are sunny, even during the rainy season, and tourism in Guam can be enjoyed year round. If you are planning to book Guam vacation packages, note that Guam tours can often be bundled with your package to save money and take advantage of the very best that tourism in Guam can offer.



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