Auckland New Zealand

By far the largest city in New Zealand, Auckland has some 1.3 million inhabitants, compared to just under 400,000 people in the second-largest city of Wellington. Auckland New Zealand is nicknamed the "City of Sails", due to its maritime roots and yachting merit. This vibrant city is found at the northern side of New Zealand's North Island, and it enjoys easy access to both the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea. The Viaduct Basin is a village in Auckland that is dedicated to all things sailing, and it has served as the host for recent America's Cup challenges. Getting out and doing a bit of sailing of your own surely isn't the only thing you can enjoy on an Auckland vacation. There are spectacular beaches close by, you can enjoy a wide range of culinary delights, seek adrenaline-pumping thrills, and so much more!

Auckland New Zealand boasts the largest Polynesian population of any city in the world, and is known for its rich Maori presence and heritage. If you can get here for the Pasifika Festival, you're in for an awesome party that is everything Polynesian. More and more Asian cultures are taking up residence in Auckland, and with the quality of life here, it's easy to think that more and more immigrants will arrive in the future. Set on an isthmus, with the Waitemata Harbor on one side and the Manukau on the other, Auckland first attracted the Maori some 800 years ago. The story has it that the Maori arrived to New Zealand in wakas (canoes) from other Polynesian islands. In and around present-day Auckland, the Polynesian societies certainly depended on fishing to survive, as well as agriculture. The volcanic-rich soil did well to support agricultural efforts, and as such, Maori villages began to spring up on the isthmus. In the 17th century, tribal warfare would help to lessen the Maori numbers, and when European settlers arrived around the year 1840, they found a largely depleted Maori presence. Previous hunting and forest-clearing endeavors helped to contribute to the low Maori numbers, as did disease. The new English Governor of New Zealand, former Royal Navy Commander, William Hobson, convinced the British government to arrange the purchase of lands from the Maori, including the isthmus where Auckland is found. As such, Auckland was more or less born.

Auckland New Zealand was one of the sites where the Treaty of Waitangi was signed in 1840, which is a most important date in New Zealand history. This treaty is generally considered the country's founding document, as it resulted in British sovereignty in New Zealand. The Maori chiefs who signed the treaty agreed to grant the British sovereignty in exchange for the promise that some of their lands be protected. The Maori and the European settlers at Auckland seemed to hit it off at first, the Maori even supplying their new "friends" with food supplies. Over time, though, the Maori would grow tired of the settlers encroaching on their lands and fighting would ensue. This resulted in significant losses on both sides. In time, the European New Zealanders would maintain the bulk of control, and cities like Auckland and Wellington began to grow. William Hobson would choose Auckland as the capital of the new British colony of New Zealand in 1840. Eventually, however, it was deemed that Wellington would serve as a better location for the government seat, and in 1865, Auckland lost its capital city title.

Eventually, as New Zealanders began to spread out in the main urban centers, suburbs would be built, which is where many Auckland area residents prefer to live to this day. Locals in this wonderful city enjoy a warm and temperate climate, and though it rains here more than it does in other parts of the country, it's also one of the sunnier spots. The Auckland region offers up a very intriguing landscape, with dozens of dormant volcanic cones found throughout. The hills that surround the Auckland New Zealand isthmus are partly covered in rainforest, and nearby islands can be found resting in the Hauraki Gulf. Auckland travel rewards visitors with a wealth of possibilities. Perhaps you will skip out on the city for a nice getaway at Great Barrier Island. Waiheke Island is another island getaway worth considering, though with all the great nightlife and restaurants in Auckland, you might find it hard to ever leave. The Auckland hotels certainly make Auckland travel more pleasing, as there are accommodations choices here for any budget. Should you be looking to go out on the town, you'll not want for clubs, casinos and bars, and the restaurants here almost seem to be one on top of the other.

Auckland travel is certainly kind to shoppers. In suburbs like Parnell and Newmarket, you'll find some nice upscale shopping areas, while the flea market in the suburb of Avondale offers a different, yet equally rewarding experience. Rugby is certainly among the top national sports in New Zealand, with Cricket being another, and at Auckland's Eden Park, catching a cricket or rugby match is something you might consider. This is especially true if the national rugby team, the All Blacks, is in town. You can add an All Blacks game to your list of New Zealand events if you want to experience something special. Auckland tours are a good way to experience some of the Auckland attractions, whether you want to sightsee around the city, or are looking to get out and enjoy Nature. Nature tours are among the top pursuits for those on an Auckland vacation, as are Auckland tours that feature the Maori culture. Perhaps a winery tour will be a perfect fit for you, or maybe you'll be interested in a mountain biking excursion. Families will certainly enjoy the Auckland Zoo, or a trip to Kelly Tarltons Antarctic Encounter and Underground World. An Auckland vacation offers too much to cover here, so ready yourself for fun that never seems to end. One thing's for certain. An Auckland vacation won't be a boring one, unless that's what you're after.



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