New Zealand Biking

Even if you make a minor investigation into all the possible things to do in New Zealand, you will quickly see that the list is long. New Zealand bike tours are just one of the many fun ways to explore and enjoy this breathtaking country, and you'll likely be amazed at how many different ones there are. If you like mountain biking, you can easily arrange a mountain biking New Zealand excursion, and if are more interested in sticking to the main roads, you can also just as easily pick out a nice touring bike. Riding a bicycle is a fun pursuit no matter where you find yourself , but with a country as beautiful and naturally diverse as New Zealand, it's hard to top. Surely you can just book 1-day New Zealand bike tours if you want, but if you are coming here exclusively to see New Zealand by bike, there are tours that can last up to 56 days, and perhaps even more. There are guided New Zealand bike tours, and there are those that you can do on your own. It all depends on what your preferences are. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. One thing is a constant when it comes to New Zealand bike tours, and that is the fact that you are bound to have a great time however you go.

Pretty much wherever you go in New Zealand it is ideal for bicycling. This is a very hilly and mountainous country, and the varying terrain presents a list of amazing bicycle routes and trails, both on and off the pavement. Mountain bikers will find numerous trails designed for them that can see them screaming down a hill or hitting a natural dirt-mound jump. One of the more renowned single track mountain bike trails in New Zealand is the Queen Charlotte Track. It's found on the northeast side of the South Island, in the beautiful Marlborough Sounds. Along this route, you'll pass through secluded and isolated bays, historic sites, and other interesting patches. This trail is ideal for all levels of riders, and if you're lucky, you'll see some seals, penguins, or dolphins during your ride.

New Zealand bike tours through vineyards are both relaxing and invigorating, and while you're enjoying the Queen Charlotte Track, you might also decide to take a riding tour through the vineyards that are found in the Marlborough region. You'll certainly find some of the best wineries in New Zealand here. On the North Island at Tongariro National Park, the more advanced rider can enjoy a unique mountain biking New Zealand adventure. You may have heard of heli skiing in New Zealand, but how about heli mountain biking? At Tongariro National Park, your heli mountain biking experience involves being dropped off at a trail summit by helicopter. It's nothing but an adrenaline-packed ride back down.

Back on the South Island, you can enjoy mountain biking New Zealand adventures in both Christchurch and Queenstown. In Queenstown, your mountain biking New Zealand excursion can see you enjoying alpine heli biking, night rides, and unforgettable back country trips. Perhaps you want to enjoy seeing different regions of New Zealand by bike. Whether you are mountain biking or touring, you can arrange cross-country New Zealand tours that feature stops at a bunch of great biking destinations. You'll be treated to a variety of landscapes and settings on a tour like this, and by the end of it, you'll understand just why so many bicyclists refer to New Zealand as "Mountain Bike Heaven".

There are luxury tours that let you see some of New Zealand by bike, and there are those that are more basic and affordable. If your tour is an extended one that covers more than one day, your tour company will likely arrange for stays at certain accommodations along the way. The price of these kinds of tours will largely depend on the kinds of accommodations you are seeking. Many New Zealand hotels offer tour desks and area tour advice, so you can always inquire with your lodging establishment(s) to see if they have the lowdown on the best area New Zealand bike tours. Some hotels, lodges, and resorts even have bicycles that you can take out on your own, small biking tours. If you enjoy bicycling even just moderately, you'll definitely want to consider adding a New Zealand bike tour of some kind to your New Zealand travel itinerary. It's pretty much a fool-proof way to have a good, no great, time.

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