New Zealand Fishing

If you haven't yet tried New Zealand fishing, then you are in for a reel treat, pun intended. From the inland fresh waters to the coastal salt waters, you can enjoy a range of fishing trips in New Zealand. Fishing destinations in this beautiful country are everywhere it seems, so adding a fishing trip to your New Zealand list of things to do is almost always a possibility. Fishing trips here can last just a few hours, or span more than one day. Depending on how serious you are about experiencing New Zealand fishing, you might book a fishing tour that is the focus of your whole trip. It's definitely good to do a little research on New Zealand fishing before you plan your trip. Not only can it help you avoid any issues that might otherwise come up, but it can also help you decide which kind of experience is best for you. Maybe the best fit will be an all inclusive New Zealand fishing trip. For some, a one day outing can be good enough.

Before you enjoy any New Zealand fishing, seeing about fishing licenses is the first thing you'll want to do. Generally, a fishing license in New Zealand is only required if you are fishing the inland fresh waters. For those booking a New Zealand fishing tour, your tour operator should take care of arranging the proper documentation. If you plan on fishing by yourself, then you can purchase a license once you arrive. There are different options, such as the full season license and the daily one, so finding the right one will be no problem. If you're wondering where to get your fishing license here, you can try sporting goods stores, gas stations, and farming supply stores. With the license will come a booklet that lets you know all about the New Zealand fishing regulations. Regardless of where you buy your fishing license in New Zealand it will be good across the country, save for Lake Taupo. You'll have to get a separate license for there.

Fly fishing New Zealand waters is sure to be a joy for even the most seasoned anglers. You may already know that New Zealand is one of the world's top trout fishing destinations. According to some experts, the wild brown trout fishing here is without question the best in the world. You can enjoy fly fishing New Zealand waters year round, though certain species tend to have seasons where they are much more prominent. There are numerous fly fishing New Zealand guides that can help you enjoy destinations such as Rotorua and Lake Taupo. Found close to one another, these two towns offer some of the best trout fishing in the land. The Tongariro River, which feeds into Lake Taupo, is the country's most fished river, and you can fish it on your own as long as you purchase a license. Getting a guide will of course cost extra. For those who are passionate about their fishing, staying at one of the fly fishing lodges in New Zealand is an ideal way to go. You'll find a few good ones at Rotorua and Lake Taupo, such as the luxurious Treetops lodge.

For a bit of a different fly fishing New Zealand experience, you might head to the South Island to see what awaits you. In the popular vacation destination of Nelson, the brown trout is king. You can also expect to snag some salmon and rainbow trout. New Zealand fishing charters can get you out on some of the freshwater lakes, like Lake Taupo, and they can also take you out to sea. Deep sea New Zealand fishing charters can be found at a few destinations around the coasts, but the most renowned place to head is Northland. Found at the top of the North Island, Northland provides miles of deep sea fishing grounds, and you might expect to catch a marlin here, as well as a few different kind of sharks or tuna. The Bay of Islands is a top Northland destination for those who want to enjoy deep sea New Zealand fishing charters. The best time to fish at the Bay of Islands is January to April. You won't need a license to fish along New Zealand's coast, so feel free to enjoy yourself with little to worry about. You can book sea-bound New Zealand fishing charters pretty much year round, and some of the fish you can hope to catch are Kingfish, Snapper, and Sea Salmon.

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