New Zealand Heli Ski Vacation

New Zealand heli ski vacations are all that you want them to be, and then some. There aren't many ski destinations in the world where you can enjoy every kind of skiing and snow boarding possible. A New Zealand heli ski vacation is a good way to enjoy some of the best skiing not only in New Zealand, but in the world. If you're not familiar with heli skiing, it's a pretty straightforward concept. A helicopter takes you and a few other skiers to the otherwise unattainable slopes of a snow-capped mountain, where you can enjoy fresh powder runs and pretty much have the mountain all to yourself. There are so many possible things to do in New Zealand, and heli skiing is certainly an ideal choice for those who love winter sports. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere and are mourning the end of your ski season, it's time to look into New Zealand ski vacations. The ski season here runs from June to October, so after fine tuning your skills up north, you can put them to the test in New Zealand.

The best time to enjoy a New Zealand heli ski vacation is from July 1 - September 30. Though the regular ski season starts a month earlier, this is most heli ski tour operators open for business. If you can't make it here by September, some of the private heli ski charters in New Zealand operate until late October, so you have a bit of extra time you can work with. The snow in spring tends to be pretty good, so you won't have to worry about missing all the good stuff. You don't have to be an expert skier or snow boarder to enjoy a New Zealand heli ski vacation, though you should be competent enough to handle the powder and such. Beginners certainly aren't encouraged to try New Zealand heli skiing, but who knows, should they book some lessons on initial New Zealand ski vacations, they can return again to go big. Bringing a few layers of clothing is a good idea if you are planning skiing holidays New Zealand style. A nice waterproof outer layer is always smart. New Zealand heli skiing is done at relatively low altitudes, so you should find that the temperatures should be mostly friendly. Your New Zealand heli ski vacation will depend on weather. Although you do want it to snow, you might not pray for too many storms, or you could find yourself out in the cold.

There are a few different spots where you can enjoy heli skiing holidays New Zealand style, the best of which are found on the South Island. Here, the Southern Alps rise the tallest of any mountains in the country, with Mount Cook being the tallest at 12,800 feet. A New Zealand Queenstown heliski vacation is the most popular of all, and nearby Wanaka does just as well. In fact, the bulk of New Zealand heli skiing is done in the Queenstown area, and you'll find the region to easily have some of the country's best ski fields. Surely you can enjoy New Zealand ski vacations in Queenstown or Wanaka that don't involve heli skiing, but why not at least consider it? Chances are, you'll have the time of your life. And, should you convince a couple of friends to join you, they will likely be thanking you for years to come, if not forever. The Harris Mountains are perhaps the top heli skiing location found in the Queenstown area, and there are runs here for different levels of skiers. You can opt for the easier terrain if you are feeling tentative, then think about hitting a few choice chutes and valleys.

While you can hike a glacier in New Zealand, have you ever though of skiing one? The Clarke Glacier found near Queenstown is a place where you can do just that. The runs here go on for what seems like an eternity, and it's not uncommon when heli skiing in New Zealand to find a run that stretches over 8 miles. Skiing or snow boarding the Clarke Glacier is probably best for the more advanced skier, and it definitely behooves you to be in good shape. Near Mount Cook, the Maite Brun and Liebig ranges offer some of the best glacier heli skiing in the country. Closer to the South Island city of Christchurch, Methven offers what many consider to be the best in terms of the variety of terrain. There are an ample amount of heli ski tour operators in New Zealand, so it's not hard to arrange heli skiing holidays New Zealand. It's not going to be cheap, however, but it will be worth it, if not for the views alone. Besides helping you find the best slopes for heli skiing, most, if not all New Zealand heli ski tour operators can also help you find lodging near your destination, as well as arrange all your transportation once you arrive. Bring your sense of adventure if you are planning a New Zealand heli ski vacation, and don't forget your goggles and sunscreen. You can get sunburned quicker on the New Zealand slopes than you can at the New Zealand beaches.



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