Milford Track

Milford Track is known as one of the most famous tracks in New Zealand and the world, for that matter. It is located in the southern part of the South Island in the mountains and forests of Fiordland National Park. Milford Track begins near Lake Te Anau and extends 53.5 kilometers to the Milford Sound at Sandfly Point. If you ask any hiker in New Zealand to recommend a good hiking trail, most will recommend the Milford Track.

During October to April, when travel to New Zealand is busiest, the New Zealand track is well maintained and suitable for any level of hiker. To make the Milford Track experience more enjoyable and less crowded, only ninety walkers can start the Milford trek each day. During these busy months, it is recommended that you make reservations with the New Zealand Department of Conservation to reserve your walking time on the Milford Track New Zealand. It's a good idea to make your reservation a month to two months in advance.

From October to April, everyone using the Milford Track New Zealand is required to walk northward. This traffic pattern eases congestion and is said to make the New Zealand track easier to navigate. In the off season, you may walk whichever way you please. The only lodging options on the New Zealand track are basic huts maintained by the Department of Conservation. The huts aren't comparable to luxury New Zealand hotels and resorts, but they are clean and include bunk beds and cooking facilities. Hikers on the Milford trek are expected to carry their own food, sleeping bags, and any other necessities needed for overnight stays in the huts. The town of Te Anau, where the track starts, offers several stores that sell food and camping gear.

During the off season, New Zealand track conditions are not regulated as tightly as they are during tourism season. You may encounter rough terrain and bridges that have been removed for the season. If you plan to make the Milford trek during the off season, be prepared for any type of terrain or weather conditions by bringing the proper gear. One advantage of hiking the Milford Track during the off season is the fact that the trail is less crowded.

Be prepared for a spectacular trail that meanders through wetlands, forests, and streams. Unlike famous hiking trails in countries such as Australia that have rough hiking conditions, the Milford Track New Zealand is a non-technical hike that can be accomplished by seasoned hikers as well as beginners.

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