Mount Cook

Mount Cook is the tallest mountain in New Zealand. For this reason alone, it is a peak that many people look to when planning mountain climbing trips. There are actually three different Mount Cook summits to consider when planning a climbing expedition, with the highest of the bunch topping out at around 12,316 feet. It is generally encouraged that only experienced mountaineers attempt to climb to the upper reaches, as there are plenty of highly-technical traverses that need to be made. The main route to the top is the Linda Glacier route, and those who take it on can expect to encounter a healthy amount of snow, ice, and rock.

Mount Cook lies in New Zealand’s Southern Alps mountain range. This range is found on the South Island and features the country’s highest peaks. Mountaineers the world over come to conquer the summits of these lofty peaks, with Mount Cook being the most prized mountain. Also known as Aoraki, this loftiest of New Zealand mountains first started attracting the interest of climbers in the early 1880's. Since then, it has continued to attract its fair share of climbing enthusiasts, though you don’t have to be one to enjoy a trip to the area. There are plenty of hiking trails to take advantage of in Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park, and it is possible to arrange guided ski trips or go mountain biking.

November through mid-February is the main climbing season in New Zealand’s Southern Alps. Guided mountaineering tours are easy to arrange, provided that you have the money, and these tours often see guests accessing certain parts of Mount Cook by way of a ski plane or helicopter. As for where to arrange Aoraki climbing tours, the cities of Queenstown and Christchurch are good places to start if you haven’t already arranged everything prior to your arrival in New Zealand.

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