Mount Eden New Zealand

Once a fortified hill where various Maori tribes set up villages, Mount Eden is now an Auckland, New Zealand tourist attraction that affords great views of the city. Mount Eden New Zealand is also a suburb of Auckland, and it is where Mount Eden the mountain is located. Mount Eden the mountain, is the highest non-manmade point in Auckland at some 655 feet, which helps to make it a tourism magnet, and it is effectively a dormant volcano. The volcano is more or less the central focus of Mount Eden New Zealand, and its crater is some 165 feet deep. The last eruption of the Mount Eden volcano occurred around 60,000 years ago, so it's been dormant for quite some time. A visit to Mount Eden New Zealand can add substance to an Auckland getaway, and there are plenty of neat attractions here worth checking out. Should there be a cricket or rugby match going on in Auckland, you'll likely find it taking place at Mount Eden Park (Eden Park), which is the city's premier sports venue.

As mentioned, the volcanic hill at Mount Eden first served humans as a fortified hill. The Maori most certainly valued it as a vantage point, as you can see far and wide from atop its summit. Maori tribal wars were common when the Europeans arrived, and the last Maori tribe to occupy Mount Eden was the Tamaki, who relinquished their stronghold around 1700 AD. At the base of Mount Eden, the Maori had stripped away most of the trees for various uses, so when the Europeans arrived, they cleared the rest of the land and set up property boundaries that were reminiscent of those found back home in Scotland or Ireland. The walled fences they built can still be seen today. The rich soil in and around the Mount Eden volcano lent itself to farming pursuits for the early British settlers, and by the 1870"s, suburban plots had been laid. In 1877, the mountain at Mount Eden New Zealand was designated as a public reserve, and as such, would be protected. There are new trees here now, and the gardens do quite well, which helps to give the suburb of Mount Eden a "leafy" appeal. Interestingly enough, Mount Eden New Zealand is known as Auckland's "Home of Arts", as there is a very large artist community in the suburb. This goes back to the 1950"s, when it was quite the bohemian destination.

Of all the destinations and tourist attractions in New Zealand, Mount Eden is one of the most renowned, and New Zealanders across the land tend to link the Mt Eden Prison to the name. The original Mt Eden Prison was built between the years of 1882 and 1917. It resembles a castle, though you might imagine it's not exactly a privileged address. The Mt Eden Prison is one of what is known as the Mount Eden Prisons, the other two being the Mount Eden Women's Prison and the Auckland Central Remand Prison. The Mt Eden Prison and the other two prisons make up a large complex where the architectural styles differ, and "The Prisons" complex often serves as the site for protests. The Prisons aside, Mount Eden is also home to a list of more positively-associated tourist attractions in New Zealand, such as the three War Memorials and the Auckland Museum. The Auckland Museum is one of the more notable museums in New Zealand, due largely in part to the fact that it has the world's biggest collection of Polynesian artifacts. During your Mount Eden visit, you might choose to take a leisurely stroll in the Auckland Domain, which is a large park that is close to the city's center.

The national rugby team of New Zealand, the All Blacks, play some of their home matches here, and it is the permanent home of the Auckland Rugby Union. Auckland Cricket has used the venue for their matches since 1910, and if you can catch a sporting event here, you'll be adding a most authentic experience to your New Zealand vacation. Should you not have time to explore all that Mount Eden the suburb has to offer, or should you find that you won't be able to catch a cricket or rugby match, you can always drop in for a bit just to climb the mountain here. The 360-degree views include nearby islands, surrounding hills, city bays and the Auckland skyline, which is what helps to make the mountain one of the top tourist attractions in New Zealand.

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