Ninety Mile Beach

Ninety Mile Beach is one of the most famous beaches in New Zealand. It certainly figures among the top attractions on the sparsely inhabited Aupouri Peninsula. Much of the allure for 90 Mile Beach lies in its sand dunes. The northern dunes in particular attract tourists in good number with their bodyboarding and sand surfing opportunities.

New Zealand’s Ninety Mile Beach doesn’t exactly live up to its name. It is closer to 55 miles in length as opposed to 90 miles. There are several theories that aim to explain the misnomer, and rumor actually has it that the beach could be given a Maori name in the near future. Whatever you call it, 90 Mile Beach is both long and beautiful. Flanking much of the sand is the green Aupouri Forest, and the dunes only add depth to the overall landscape. It is a very natural beach, and for this reason, it can make for a wonderful place to get away from it all during a New Zealand vacation.

Stretching from the Kaitaia area on up to Cape Reinga in the far northern reaches of New Zealand’s North Island, Ninety Mile beach beckons with its recreational opportunities. Visitors can kick back on the sand, play in the lapping waves, explore the forest that flanks the beach, or bodyboard and sand surf on the dunes. It should also be noted that it is possible to drive a car or ride a motorbike along the sand. It is recommended that anyone wishing to drive on the sand uses a vehicle with four-wheel drive capabilities. Also, rising tides have been known to claim vehicles that are parked on the sands of Ninety Mile Beach, so drivers should be aware of the general beach conditions.

New Zealand tours that highlight Ninety Mile Beach can be arranged. These tours allow guests enjoy a variety of different experiences, such as playing on the dunes, and they are quite convenient. Kaitaia is a good place to start when looking to arrange such tours. Also worth mentioning when it comes to New Zealand’s 90 Mile Beach is the five-day fishing competition that it plays host to in February. Held during the last week of the month, this competition sees hundreds of anglers surf casting in hopes of snagging the biggest snapper.

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