New Zealand Shopping

New Zealand shopping might or might not be the main focus of your New Zealand vacation, but either way, it's a joy to discover. Sure, most of the New Zealand travel brochures highlight the country's natural beauty and it's wealth of outdoor activities, and for good purpose, but the New Zealand shopping also deserves a nod. The best shopping in New Zealand can be had in its major cities and tourist destinations. From high-quality glass art works, to a special book that you though you'd never find, New Zealand shopping can unveil a range of delights. If you want it, you can probably find it while shopping in New Zealand, so save up some extra shopping funds before your New Zealand trip, and help yourself to a few choice goods along the way.

Before you do any shopping in New Zealand, you'll have to familiarize yourself with the New Zealand currency. The New Zealand dollar is the New Zealand currency, and it comes in 100 cent denominations. You can exchange any foreign currency you might have at the Bank of New Zealand. You'll find a 24-hour branch at the Auckland Airport, and it's conveniently located in the arrivals area. Other banks and various hotels can also change your money into New Zealand currency. Banks tend to offer the best exchange rates, and should you use your credit card, you'll also get a good rate. You can also get some New Zealand currency from the numerous ATM machines found around the country and at all the major tourist areas.

The largest city in New Zealand is Auckland, and if New Zealand shopping is on your itinerary here, you'll enjoy a myriad of great shops and shopping areas. High Street is the place to go for high-culture fashionables, and you'll find a nice array of upscale boutiques in the suburb of Parnell. In downtown Auckland and at the Auckland Airport, you can hit the DFS Galleria for duty free shopping that is sure to put a smile on your face. Designer boutiques, luxury accessories, and fine jewelry are just some of what makes shopping at the DFS Galleria such a joy. If you want to do some Auckland, New Zealand shopping at a nice, big mall, you can always head to St. Luke's Shopping Centre. In east Auckland, the Botany Town Centre is a shopper's haven, boasting not only more than 150 stores, but award-winning architecture as well. If you are having a good time in the capital city of Wellington, you can enjoy an experience that is certainly on par with Auckland. The Lambton Quay shopping area is not only one of the top shopping places in Wellington, it's one of the best in the country. A myriad of interesting shops await you here, and they are involved in just about every business or industry, from fashion to literature. Willis Street also offers some great shops in Wellington, and the Cuba Mall is the place to head if you are up for some more risquÉ stores.

If shopping in New Zealand is your goal and you have a nice budget to work with, Queenstown just might offer the most elitist kinds of shops. Though you are paying high prices here for a lot of the goods, they are top notch. As the saying goes, "you get what you pay for". Sometimes you just have to shell a little extra out to get something that is actually worth buying. Anyways, if your South Island trip doesn't take you to Queenstown, but to Christchurch instead, you will find plenty of great shopping even though some of the popular spots (like the Arts Centre Galleria and Arts Centre Market) in the central business district remain closed after the 20111 earthquake. You can find many nice boutique shops outside of the CBD, some of the best of which are found on Victoria Street, at Merivale Mall, and at Cashel Mall. Further north on the South Island, the popular vacation destination of Nelson is consistently recognized for its arts and crafts shopping. Many artists live in the area, and you'll find plenty of pottery studios here. A nifty arts and crafts item from Nelson, New Zealand is not only bound to spruce up your home. It will also probably make for a most interesting conversation pick.

The Maori culture of New Zealand is a part of the country's greater culture, and if you're up for a unique New Zealand shopping experience, you can always head to the geothermic, tourist-satisfying city of Rotorua. You'll find the greatest concentration of Maori people here, and if you can't make one of the Maori art festivals or events, worry not, as you can pick up their hand-made wares any time of the year. Shopping in New Zealand certainly is a joy, and as you can see, there are some wonderful places to spend your newfound New Zealand currency. Keeping your eyes out always for good deals and interesting items can add excitement to your New Zealand vacation, even if you're just perusing one of the shops at one of the many great New Zealand museums.

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