Papua New Guinea diving is the top attraction that brings travelers to these scenic islands located north of Australia. The variety of marine life, photo opportunities, and unmatched underwater landscape all make scuba diving in Papua New Guinea extremely popular. The area is recommended for divers of all abilities, including advanced divers, underwater photographers, and those who are just learning. The waters surrounding Papua New Guinea have been ranked first for healthiest marine life and as one of the best advanced diving locations in the Indo-Pacific in various international rankings. Whether you want to learn the basics of diving, observe the hundreds of species of fish in their natural habitat, or explore the variety of sunken ships and other craft, this destination has something to offer every diver.

Due to the international exposure that this virtually untouched marine landscape is receive, Papua New Guinea diving holidays are becoming more and more popular. The islands that make up Papua New Guinea are located in the heart of a coral triangle that is made up of the highest diversity of fish and coral in the world. Scuba diving in Papua New Guinea exposes divers to twice as many marine species as the Red Sea and almost ten times more than the Caribbean. Because there is a low population density and virtually no modern fishing technology, the surrounding waters have not been affected by waste or any harmful effects of modern equipment, leaving a pristine environment.

Although the warm temperature and mild climate allow for diving year-round, the best times for Papua New Guinea diving are between mid-April and mid-June, and from September through December. The warm water makes for pleasant excursions, and the visibility beneath the surface is excellent as well. Although many visitors to the islands venture off to dive on their own, there is a large variety of Papua New Guinea dive resorts that provide guests with comfortable lodgings and the proper equipment. If you are looking to learn to dive, your best bet is to stay at one of these exclusive resorts, and even if you are an experienced diver, a room at one of the Papua New Guinea dive resorts might be perfect for you, especially if you don’t feel like lugging your heavy diving gear with you on your tropical vacation.

The Loloata Island Resort is the most well-known of these resorts. It is situated a convenient twenty minutes away from the capital city of Port Moresby, making it easily accessible. The Loloata Island Resort offers activities including snorkeling, swimming, hiking, and simply relaxing on the beach, and the resort staff are known for their hospitality. Three meals a day are served, and the food often features local specialty dishes. Although Loloata caters to a relaxing atmosphere, it is home to some of the most magnificent opportunities among the Papua New Guinea dive resorts for getting out in the water. There are two diving boats that make daily runs to dive sites in the area, and with more than ten sites accessible, divers have plenty of options, including World War II wrecks, coral reefs, and the habitats of hundreds of marine species. The dive store on-site allows guests to rent equipment, purchase items, and store their own gear if they choose to bring it with them. Overall, the Loloata offers excellent guest services and some of the best scuba diving in Papua New Guinea.

If you’re looking for a more secluded stay during your diving trip to Papua New Guinea, the Lissenung Island Resort is an excellent choice. The resort is all that is located on a small private island surrounded by turquoise waters, which is about a 90-minute plane ride from Port Moresby and another twenty minutes by boat from Kavieng. Lissenung only has seven rooms, ensuring guests have peace and privacy throughout their stay. It is located between the South Pacific and Bismarck Sea, which makes for a varied underwater landscape that attracts divers from all over the world. With more than 100 species of fish and various underwater wrecks, divers can experience local history and native marine life all in one day. Lissenung Island Resort offers three dives a day, night shore dives, and lessons on how to deal with the strong current that sometimes affects the area. The resort also features PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) courses, rental equipment, and a designated area to wash underwater camera gear. If you are looking to become a certified diver and prefer a more secluded resort, then Lissenung Island should be at the top of your list.

Known for having some of the best dive sites in the world, Papua New Guinea is attracting more and more divers each year. The diverse underwater landscape and the diversity of marine life make the islands a top place to visit for serious divers, as well as a great opportunity for novices to learn and improve. No matter what level you’re at, Papua New Guinea diving has something to offer everyone who loves spending time in the water.

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