Port Moresby

Port Moresby Papua New Guinea is the ideal starting point for your island vacation. Located in the Central province, the island's small capital is on the southeast coast and has been developed around Fairfax Harbor. The city sprawls outward towards the inner mountainous exterior of the island, providing visitors with a dramatic landscape change. Port Moresby is an eclectic city with a variety of shops and restaurants, museums, and traditional and modern buildings. It is also the administrative, political, and cultural capital of Papua New Guinea and provides visitors with an array of attractions, including white-sand beaches and hiking trails. If you’re interested in adding a historic element to your Port Moresy travel itinerary, you can also visit the World War II Kokoda Track.

The city illustrates the combination of modernity and tradition in Papua New Guinea, as Port Moresby is surrounded by plantations, dairy farms, livestock ranches, mountains, and rain forests. It is the only urban area in the province, and with a population of just more than 200,000, it has the highest concentration of people in the national. This small city is an ideal spot for finding hotels, as it is centrally located and close to surrounding nature reserves. Papua New Guinea is primarily known for its outdoor attractions, such as diving, but before you venture into the Highlands or out to see, be sure to explore what Port Moresby travel has to offer as well.

The National Parliament is a symbol of modernization in the country, and it sticks out among the traditional architecture found elsewhere in the city. The parliament building houses government offices and various administrative departments. The National Museum and Art Gallery is also something to add to your Port Moresby travel itinerary. The museum is a dedication to local ethnic groups native to the country, and with more than 800 tribes and languages spoken on the islands, the museum is a great insight on the blend of culture that exists throughout Papua New Guinea. There are local artifacts, art and sculpture, and historical recollections that will educate every visitor to Port Moresby Papua New Guinea.

Port Moresby also serves as a great starting-off point for day trips to the surrounding areas. Those who are looking to explore the deep turquoise waters can venture just fifteen minutes our of the capital to Loloata Island Resort, a popular destination for travelers looking to snorkel among the coral reefs, fish along the beach, or learn how to dive. The Owen Stanley Range is another great day-trip destination from Port Moresby. The range isolates the province from the northern part of the island and provides visitors with a variety of hiking trails. The Port Moresby Botanical Gardens are also an excellent destination to relax and enjoy the island’s native flora. This oasis is home to various types of orchids, which Papua New Guinea is famous for, as well as other varieties of plants and blooming flowers, and even a few species of wildlife.

The Kokoda Trail is one of the most historically significant attractions in the area. It is sixty miles long and provides travelers with an excellent hike that eventually reaches the Sogeri Plateau. The train was used by gold miners in the 1890s, but it was also used by the Japanese forces during World War II in their attempt to capture the capital city. It was on this trail that the Australian forces, part of the Allied campaign, defeated the Japanese in 1942. Although the hike is fairly easy at the beginning, the Kokoda Track gets extremely steep, and many visitors ultimately finish their trek at the Goldie River, about an hour’s hike in from the trailhead.

When looking for a hotel in Port Moresby, be aware of where you choose to stay. Although the capital city is slowly attempting to become more modernized, the traditional lifestyle and culture still prevails, and different locations around the city will give you a different experience for your vacation. The Crowne Plaza is located in the heart of downtown and is by far the most popular hotel in Port Moresby. It caters to travelers looking to lodge in style and in a very secure part of town. Most of the rooms overlook the bay, the contemporary design is inviting, and the guest units themselves are more than comfortable. The Holiday Inn is another popular choice; it is located in the government district, close to major attractions and transportation, and provides a variety of rooms and good amenities. Although the Holiday Inn is also one of the more expensive options for a hotel in Port Moresby, it’s another international brand that promises a good standard of quality and safe surroundings, so travelers know ahead of time what they can expect from their accommodations.

With its location on beautiful Fairfax Harbor and its abundant attractions, Port Moresby Papua New Guinea is growing in popularity is a travel destination. Despite the turbulent past the country and its capital have experienced, it is a welcoming city, and more and more people are venturing to this hub to explore the variety of cultures, landscapes, and experiences that Papua New Guinea has to offer.

Port Moresby

Port Moresby

Port Moresby Papua New Guinea is the ideal starting point for your island vac...

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