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If you are exploring Tahiti flights, then you are thinking of taking a trip to one of the most stunning and romantic destinations in the Pacific. Places such as Tahiti, Bora Bora, and Moorea have been romanticized in the west for years, and for good reason. This tropical paradise leaves little to be desired when it comes to natural beauty, gorgeous weather, and distinctively luxurious accommodations.

Because of the fact that the weather is nearly perfect all year, it can be a challenge to find reasonably priced flights to Tahiti or a great rate on a flight to Bora Bora, as there is no real off tourist season to speak of. However, with the right amount of research and enough advance planning, you should be able to find an airline and a price that suits your budget, and might even stumble upon some cheap airfare to Tahiti and the surrounding islands.

If you fly to Tahiti, (and want land on a runway), you will be descending into Tahiti Faa’a International Airport, which is located about three miles from downtown Papeete, the capital city of French Polynesia. If you’re looking for flights to Tahiti and you live in the United States, you are likely connecting in either Los Angeles or Honolulu. It takes about eight hours to take a flight from Los Angeles to Tahiti. Air Tahiti Nui is the recognized national airline while two other airlines in French Polynesia, Air Moorea and Air Tahiti, cater to passengers looking to travel between the archipelago, collectively known as the Society Islands.

Faa’a International Airport is well equipped for such a small island destination. Travelers have access to a band where you can exchange currencies, restaurants, bars, a lounge, and a tourist help desk. You can also make arrangements for car rentals, hotels, and generally receive guidance to get you on your way on your island vacation.

Once you have looked through your options for Tahiti flights and established your travel itinerary, you can begin to explore the many attractions available in Tahiti and the other islands in French Polynesia. There are so many things to do in Tahiti, once you’ve gotten over your astonishment of just how stunning the island really is, that you will want to take plenty of time to plan out your schedule. Part of the appeal of Tahiti and the other French Polynesian Islands, is that you do not have to keep a strict schedule. The laid back, tranquil, island atmosphere is conducive to tossing your cares to the wind and enjoying some deep relaxation. So you can make the most of this carefree adventure to one of the world’s most enviable tropical destination, it’s best to get a general feel for what it is you might like to see and do, before you get swept away by the island breeze and warm Pacific waters. All flights to Tahiti deliver eager passengers into a veritable tropical paradise. And a flight to Bora Bora or Moorea is easy from Faa'a International in Papeete. Discover a little bit of each of the islands if you'd like on your stay.

Tourism has really ramped up in the past few decades, making Tahiti a much more frequented and accessible destination for travelers around the world. As a result, a plethora of hotels, restaurants, spas, clubs, and resorts have all sprouted up on not just Tahiti, but the other islands as well. Tahiti flights are bringing tens of thousands of visitors every year into various island hotspots where they enjoy amazing weather, and the renowned black sand, Tahitian beaches. When you arrive, consider a flight to Bora Bora to diversify your experience in French Polynesia. You really can’t go wrong on a trip to any of these lovely islands. Book your flights to Tahiti as far in advance as possible to take advantage of the best possible rates.

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