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Bora Bora often conjures up images of a tropical paradise in the middle of the Pacific. For this reason, Bora Bora travel is popular for honeymooners and anyone who wishes to be surrounded by extraordinary beauty. While Bora Bora Island isn't as well known as its sister island, Tahiti, this smaller island is often referred to as the most exotic island in the Pacific. The island is easily accessible to both the independent traveler and those more comfortable with taking a Bora Bora tour.

Bora Bora lies 143 miles northwest of Tahiti. To access Bora Bora Island, fly into the international airport in the capital city of Papetee, located on the main island of Tahiti and then take a ferry, helicopter, or small charter plane to the island. Another option is taking Tahiti cruises that stop at the island.

The landscape consists of a mountainous interior that is completely surrounded by a lagoon, which is then fully enclosed by a coral reef. These natural features make Bora Bora vacations perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. The central feature of Bora Bora is Mount Otemanu, a giant jagged shaped basalt rock that stands 2,379 feet tall. Next to it stands Mount Pahia, which stands 2,165 feet tall.

Bora Bora vacations wouldn't be complete without visiting the beaches and lagoons. Perhaps the best known features of Bora Bora are its white sand beaches. One of the most popular beaches in Bora Bora is Point Matira, located on a peninsula at the southern end of the island. The beach stretches for over two miles and is filled with coconut producing palm trees.

There is more to do on Bora Bora vacations than lie on the beach. Hiking is an activity that Bora Bora's 7,000 residents, as well as Bora Bora travel enthusiasts, enjoy. If you're up for a challenge, take the trail from Vaitape to the top of Mount Pahia. If you're an inexperienced hiker, embarking on this journey might be easier with the help of a guide. There are hiking companies in the main harbor of Vaitape that will guide you to the top of Mount Pahia for around $150 a person. If a more casual and less strenuous hike is all you need, the road that goes along the Matira Beach, extending from Matira Point and Hotel Bora Bora offers beautiful views of the Pacific on flat paved terrain.

The road that runs along the coast of Bora Bora Island is only 19 miles long. One of the best ways to see the island is to rent a moped, a bike, or a car. Many of the larger hotels have private shuttle services that will take you anywhere you'd like to go on the island. There are also Bora Bora tour companies that will bring you to the major beaches and scenic viewpoints in Bora Bora by van or moped. If you'd prefer having the comfort and convenience of a rental car instead of taking a Bora Bora tour, Europcar and Fare-Piti Rent a Car both have offices in Vaitape, the main harbor of Bora Bora. Rental cars start at $89 dollars a day. The rental companies also offer scooters for around $75 per day, as well as bicycles for $19 a day. The roads are flat, making bicycling a breeze. Always be on the lookout for the occasional stray farm animal!

Bora Bora Island is a destination that is small enough to explore in a few days if necessary. However, because of the island's friendly people and fun activities, you might be tempted to extend your Bora Bora travel agenda for weeks.

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