Tahiti Dining

As you might imagine, Tahiti dining maintains a certain quality standard commensurate with its reputation and image as a tropical paradise in the Pacific. From the awe-inspiring turquoise lagoons (especially impressive when viewed from the air), the towering peaks of Mount Orohena and Mount Roonui, to the expansive hibiscus fields, to lush rainforest, Tahiti is one of the most desirous tourist destinations in the whole of the Pacific.

Hotels, resorts, clubs, and restaurants in Tahiti offer a multitude of varieties of cuisine influenced by the cultures that make up the demographics of this French Polynesian island chain. Uniquely Polynesian, French, Chinese, and Vietnamese dishes are all available at Tahiti restaurants, as well as other European fare, such as Italian. The decidedly French influence on the cuisine can be experienced around the island. Tahitian food has developed along with the country, and this has had everything to do with French colonial influence. French and Tahitian are co-official languages. Tahiti, as a part of the collective French Polynesian Islands, essentially constitutes a semi-autonomous government. French Polynesia is officially considered “Collectivite d-outre-mer” (or French overseas community).

Dining in Tahiti is an absolute pleasure, as the finest cuisine in the best traditions of French cooking, and East Asian dishes, along with other European influences permeate the island’s best eateries. Tahiti restaurants are well known for offering fine seafood dishes caught from the water that very day. Besides the local catches of fresh fish that are served everyday, tourists enjoy jumbo shrimp, clams, crab legs, mussels, oysters, scallops, and more. The freshness of the seafood cannot be denied, and tourists who like to fish can bring their catch in to be filleted at the dock and cooked that evening.

You can’t mention Tahitian food without bringing up the many succulent fresh fruits indigenous to the Pacific island. The island is brimming with coconuts, mangoes, papayas, pineapples, limes, oranges, grapefruits, lemons, and other citrus fruits. Many traditional Tahitian dishes incorporate the flavors and accents of these fresh fruits, including the national dish of Tahiti. It is called ‘poisson cru’, and is essentially uncooked fish cured in lime juice and coconut milk.

There are also a variety of nice meat dishes incorporated into the local fare. Tahiti has a robust local pork production process, so the pork dishes are very fresh and this white mean is worked into many of the favorite distinctly Polynesian dishes. Much of the beef and chicken is imported from New Zealand, which although it may not at first seem like it, is closer to the Society Islands than the US.

People are drawn to the restaurants, resorts, and hotels in places like Papeete, Bora Bora, and Moorea because of the unmatched experience of shopping, relaxing, and dining in the paradise of the Pacific islands. Tahiti dining is enriched by the enchanting views of the lagoons that stream between the islands, the surrounding mountain peaks, the fields of flowers, and the crystal blue waters. Resorts are just as well known as some of the finest Tahiti restaurants for serving the best cuisine.

Also, as a side note, be sure to try Les Roulottes on your way home one evening. These popular mobile meal carts are a popular attraction in Tahiti, and serve delicacies such as crepes and torts.

On your trip to French Polynesia, one thing you will not have a problem with is finding exceptional Tahitian food. The cultural diversity of the local fare will keep the discerning food lover delightfully surprised. Tahiti dining is only one part of the overall experience of a vacation in the French Polynesian Islands, a unique and romantic experience to be sure.

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