Tahiti Diving

Tahiti diving is available all year. No matter what the temperature is at home, the conditions in the islands will be favorable to go exploring under the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Dive sites in Tahiti can be found off the shores of many of the islands, including Bora Bora, Taha'a, and Rurutu.

Tahiti scuba diving is enjoyed by beginners, experts, and those in between. There is a plentiful array of sites, and it's easy for you to find the perfect dive site for your skill level. The majority of the diving takes place between 30 and 80 feet below the surface, while deeper dives are enjoyed by more skilled—and more adventurous—divers. Venturing more than 100 feet below surface will give you access to a truly amazing underwater world.

Along with taking dolphin swims and lounging on the beach, scuba diving in Tahiti is one of the most popular ways to enjoy the sparkling waters of the Pacific and the calm waters of the lagoons. Once you've suited up and grabbed a mask, you can dip below the surface and go exploring. Divers will find a rainbow of marine life swimming through brightly colored coral gardens, orange-and-white butterfly fish, red snappers, and speckled moray eels. These waters also support larger species including mantas, the largest of the ray family, grouper fish, giant barracudas, and tuna. The reef sharks that frequent Tahitian waters are less aggressive than most, so divers can swim up for a closer inspection and photo ops with their underwater cameras. The dolphins that call these waters are home are quite friendly.

If you decide to do some Tahiti scuba diving after arrival, you'll need to rent equipment. Dive centers on many of the islands provide equipment rentals and often equipment fees are built right into the cost of the dive. Usually, weight belts, tanks, and weights are included. More advanced equipment, such as dive computers, buoyancy compensators (BCs), and regulators are also stocked by local dive shops. Because of the warm waters, a regular lightweight suit will be enough. The ocean averages 79 degrees in the winter, a few degrees warmer in the summer, and temperatures rarely vary between the ocean surface and 160 feet below.

The same companies that provide equipment for scuba diving in Tahiti also know the best spots to go diving. The shallow waters of crystal clear lagoons are popular places for new divers, and wide variety of guided excursions and classes are available for newbies and those who want to take an expert along.

Oceanic drop-offs, another hallmark of the Tahiti diving scene, are an interesting place to explore for intermediate divers. These amazing places are home to deep blue waters, colorful fish, and coral reefs. Ocean passes are dramatic places to explore, especially with the larger animals that go cruising by. Because of the currents, diving here is usually restricted to certain daylight hours and professional guides most accompany the excursion. The currents also enable another exciting aspect of scuba diving in Tahiti-drift diving. This exhilarating form of watersports presents a challenge as you swim against the current or see where it takes you, an experience not unlike surfing.

Safety, of course, is important, and the local diving outfitters providing training and safety equipment for new divers and experts alike. PADI certification, plus certificate from the World Underwater Federation and French Underwater Federation are readily available.

Not all travel insurance provides coverage for diving, so you might need to purchase extra coverage if you plan to do some Tahiti diving. If something were to go wrong, the well-trained sea search and rescue program has access to recompression chambers, while local doctors have training in hyperbaric medicine.

In general, the shallow waters, warm temperatures, and excellent visibility make Tahiti scuba diving a fun, safe, and interesting addition to vacations to this island paradise.

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