Tahiti Dolphin Swim

Tahiti dolphin swim experiences are available no matter what the season. Due to the pleasant weather all year, dolphins aren't likely to swim off in search of warmer waters. All types of island visitors can enjoy a swim with the dolphins; the same, warm waters that are favored by the dolphins are also favored by human divers and swimmers.

When a swim with dolphins in Tahiti is top on your list, consider making a visit to the island of Moorea. Just a short flight or catamaran ride from the main island of Tahiti, the place nicknamed the magical island is known for its South Seas scenery—intense colors, mountain ridges, calm lagoon, and beautiful sunsets. It's also home to one of the best places for swimming with dolphins in Tahiti. The Moorea Dolphin Center is part of the InterContinental Resort Moorea along Opunohu Bay. You don't need to be a guest of the resort to enjoy a Tahiti dolphin swim here. Sister resorts are located on Bora Bora and Tahiti.

Whether you're staying at one of the resorts garden-side overwater bungalows or just visiting for the dolphin swims, the Moorea Dolphin Center will be one of the highlights of your vacation packages. Dedicated to protecting the animals and their habitat, the center offers a variety of programs that keep the comfort of the dolphins and the human visitors in mind. The resident bottlenose dolphins are friendly and well cared for by the staff. Here, the opportunities to swim with dolphins in Tahiti are supervised by expert guides and educational programs introduce the friendly creatures.

Once it's time to get into the water, younger children and families can wade out into the shallow lagoon where the dolphins are playing. Adults who are comfortable getting underwater can book a Tahiti dolphin swim package that gives them the chance to spend time with the dolphins. The dolphin center also offers a special romance package, perfect for couples on their honeymoons. Along with the swim experience, the couple is offered a crown of flowers, a refreshing coconut drink, and some amazing pictures to take home.

Moorea visitors also can book tours that combing swimming with dolphins in Tahiti with a catamaran tour. With one available excursion, visitors climb aboard a covered catamaran for a cruise around the lagoon where spinner dolphins and rays are found year-round. The excursion includes time for snorkeling and swimming before a stop at Motu Moea, a small islet in the lagoon known for its white sand beach, and for tropical drinks. Passengers then return back to the main island with fond memories of the time spent on a swim with dolphins in Tahiti. A local wildlife expert also leads dolphin-watching tours here.

The waters off Moorea are just some of the places dolphins are known to congregate. Because of the warm, calm waters and year-round pleasant weather, there's no off season for swimming with dolphins in Tahiti.

When diving near the main island of Tahiti, you'll have the chance to swim the friendly dolphins as well as a rainbow of marine life, including reef sharks, brightly colored tropical fish, and corals. With a large concentration of local guides who know the ropes and dive sites both in the lagoon and in the ocean, the island is an excellent place for dolphin swims.

It's also possible to spot dolphins and other amazing sea creatures in the waters off Bora Bora. In the summertime (July through October in the Southern Hemisphere), you'll be likely to spot humpback whales. Many of the local tour operators make time for wildlife watching, especially on a catamaran tour. If you take the plunge and go on a guide dive, you'll also have the chance to get up close to the dolphins. Most are friendly and inquisitive, welcoming the attention.

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