Tahiti Holidays

Tahiti holidays offer everything you'd expect on an escape to a tropical island-warm weather, lush greenery, deep blue waters that meet endless blue skies, and an amazing mix of things to do.

The scenic islands of French Polynesia are halfway between California and Australia, in the same time zone as Hawaii. Because of the distance and the Pacific Ocean, holidays in Tahiti involve a cruise, air travel, or both. Several of the major cruise lines offer vacation packages that include passage to Tahiti, and catamaran service links many of the islands. The main airport, on the island of Tahiti, is serviced by daily nonstop flights from Los Angeles and JFK in New York, and air service is available to many of the other islands.

If your heart is set on enjoying Bora Bora holidays, you can fly to the main island and take a one-hour flight to the place nicknamed the Romantic Island. While the jet set and celebrities favor Bora Bora holidays, plenty of average people plan getaways to this extraordinary tropical paradise. Tahiti holidays are loved by folks escaping the cold at home, couples on their honeymoons, cruise ship passengers, and plenty of travelers who want to enjoy one of the world's most scenic islands.

Surrounded by the waters of the Pacific and a calm lagoon, Bora Bora is a perfect place for watersports and soaking in the scenery. Underneath the crystal clear waters of the lagoon, you'll find a colorful rainbow of corals, rays, even reef sharks, while scuba diving. Others explore the lagoon on an outrigger canoe or a sunset catamaran cruise.

On the island interior, where the landscape is dominated by Mount Otemanu, people enjoying holidays to Bora Bora can take Jeep tours and see where the Americans were stationed in World War II. The island also offers plentiful visitor amenities, including luxury resorts, world-class shopping, relaxing spa treatments, and fine dining to complete your plans.

Bora Bora holidays are just the beginning of your options for vacations to this island paradise. The islands of French Polynesia—118 in total—cover more than 2 million square miles. You'll find a mix of regularly visited and off-the-beaten path islands, each offering a wonderful setting for an island getaway.

Moorea is even closer to the airport than Bora Bora, only a short flight or a 30-minute catamaran ride away. When your holidays in Tahiti include time on this lovely island, you should consider staying in overwater bungalows. These traditional-style huts are anything but traditional on the inside, where modern comforts are plentiful. These overnight accommodations are found all over French Polynesia, including Rangiroa, home to pearl farms, excellent diving, and charming villages worthy of a visit.

Wherever you choose for your holidays in Tahiti, you'll have the chance to experience beautiful scenery and warm hospitality. Here, hospitality is a way of life. Islanders pride themselves on sharing their lives and culture with people from around the world experiencing tropical vacations.

Perhaps this is why weddings are a popular part of Tahiti holiday packages. Couples, who are tying the knot for the first time or renewing their vows, can experience a romantic ceremony with many elements of Tahitian culture. Honeymoons are another cause for celebration. Many of the resorts offer special packages primed for romantic Tahiti holidays.

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