Tahiti Honeymoon

A Tahiti honeymoon is a unbelievable way to celebrate your love and spend time together. The islands are well known as a place to enjoy a romantic wedding ceremony, which can be arranged on the beach, on a sunset cruise, or one of the resorts. If you tied the knot at home or enjoyed a romantic ceremony on the island, honeymoons in Tahiti give the bride and groom a chance to enjoy an island getaway in paradise.

Overwater bungalows, which combine traditional styling with modern amenities, are a favorite place to stay for couples enjoying honeymoons in Tahiti. With thatched roofs, glass coffee tables where you peek into a world beneath the sea, breakfast delivered by outrigger canoes, and a mix of modern amenities, the bungalows are an exceptional place to enjoy a romantic getaway and a Tahiti honeymoon package.

Moorea, the island where the idea for Tahiti's signature accommodations began, has several resorts offering bungalows and traditional hotel rooms, all a short catamaran ride away from the main island and the airport. The options are plentiful for Moorea honeymoon packages and combine overnight accommodations with a variety of charming additions. The romantic island, which is defiantly off the beaten path, is also loved for the lush landscapes, pristine beaches, and excellent dining. Polynesian spas found throughout the island offer a variety of treatments for individuals and couples, and a sunset sail is a traditional way to usher in the evening on a Tahiti honeymoon.

Like Moorea, Bora Bora often feels like a secluded island, yet it offers a range of amenities to suit visitors ranging from tourists to celebrities that frequent the island. On a Bora Bora honeymoon, a couple will find a romantic mix of experiences. Many of the resorts, which have been accommodating honeymooners for more than 40 years, help arrange all the details of an island getaway. A Bora Bora honeymoon also can include accommodations at private overwater bungalows, sunset sails, spa treatments, and visits to sheltered beaches. Meals can be enjoyed on the porch of your bungalow or at one of the restaurants overlooking the lagoon.

A Bora Bora honeymoon also offers the chance to partake in the island activities, including dolphin swims, shark-feeding excursions, Jeep tours through the lush interior, and savoring French cuisine. The other islands also offer an interesting blend of things to do perfectly suited to the adventurous and mild souls alike. Honeymoons in Tahiti are as individual as the couples who enjoy then.

Huahine is another romantic setting for Tahiti honeymoon getaways. Nicknamed the Vanilla Island, night breezes often are scented with the much-loved spice still cultivated on this tranquil island. Fishing is a popular activity here, as on Raiatea, which is just two miles away. Warm, gentle Pacific breezes and the calm waters of the lagoons are perfect for enjoying fishing and a romantic walk on the beach.

Whichever island you choose for a Tahiti honeymoon vacation, it will provide a scenic setting for a romantic escape to the South Seas. The mix of island scenery, warm breezes and even warmer hospitality, welcoming resorts, and miles and miles of beaches make the islands a Tahiti a prime choice for a honeymoon vacation, whether you're newly married or celebrating your golden anniversary.

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