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Huahine hotels provide the ideal setting for a romantic and/or relaxing getaway in the Pacific islands. Huahine, a part of the Leeward Islands group of the Society Islands in French Polynesia, is a French overseas territory, and perhaps the most untouched by tourism and modernity. Hotels in Huahine maintain the charm and distinctiveness of the island and its Polynesian traditions.

The island of Huahine is only about ten miles long and eight miles wide, and is divided up into two parts, Huahine Nui (Big Huahine) and Huahine Iti (Little Huahine). The topography of the island is truly stunning, as it is surrounded fully by a deep lagoon. Also, the two parts of the island are separated by a couple hundred yards of water that displays a sand bar in the middle at low tide. A small bridge connects the two islands. The general atmosphere of the island makes any stay at Huahine lodging near the water, which most of it obviously is a pleasant and unforgettable experience. Tourists can fly to Huahine on a small aircraft from Tahiti in less than 30 minutes, and although the tourism industry is not nearly as prevalent in Huahine as places like Tahiti, and Bora Bora, locals embrace guests, making them feel right at home on this gorgeous island in the middle of the Pacific.

If you are looking for Huahine lodging, you should be able to find suitable options to match your budget and the kind of experience you’d like to have in French Polynesia. Whether you are into relaxation, diving, surfing, or dolphin swims, there is something for everyone on the tranquil island of Huahine.

Te Tiare Beach Resort is a magical destination for travelers in search of hotels in Huahine that offer a serene and relaxing island stay. Although it can be a little expensive, compared to similar places in Moorea, Tahiti, and Bora Bora, it is reasonably priced. At Te Tiare Beach Resort you will find the fabled overwater bungalows that have become a staple of any stay in French Polynesia. But these are luxurious, and climate controlled, and at this resort, there is a restaurant and bar in the hotel, access to a private beach, pool, workout center, balconies and private deck with every room, and more. If you must conduct business while experiencing Huahine lodging, business equipped rooms are nicely appointed with wireless internet access and other business services.

Savvy travelers may be able to secure a favorable rate at one of the Huahine hotels such as the Relais Mahana. This resort, which also features a host of overwater bungalows, is in a nice, private location, features a restaurant and private beach, and other nice amenities. The “duplex” bungalows may be a bit close together, so if you are interested in an optimally private situation, go for one of the deluxe bungalows. In any event, a stay in this beautiful resort is sure to make any traveler happy.

The Pension Mauarii is another of the hotels in Huahine where, with enough advance planning, travelers may be able to take advantage of some good rates. Do not expect the luxurious overwater suites that you see in the pictures of Bora Bora, but do expect clean and comfortable rooms, with amazing vistas of the reef. If you’re looking for an accommodation in Huahine Island that is simply a shove-off point for your water activities, like surfing or jet skiing, then the Pension Mauarii will more than suffice. This is the only one of the Huahine hotels on Huahine Iti that has a private beach where visitors can go snorkeling or diving, and enjoy the amazing reef and exotic fish. For people interested in a truly reclusive, relaxing, and renewing island retreat, a stay at a rugged, yet clean and comfortable place like the Pension Mauarii may be just right.

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