Manihi, also known as Paeua, is a coral atoll in what is known as the Tuamotu Archipelago. It measures approximately twelve miles long by six miles wide, and viewed from the air, looks like a pearl necklace lain across the water. The atoll itself has countless islets (areas of separation in the coral that lead to the greater ocean), and tiny islands speckle the interior water. Some of the islands are inhabited by a couple hundred individuals, while others, almost unbelievably, are inhabited by a single person. This is how remote Manihi really is. It is about an hour flight from Tahiti, and less than a half hour by plane from Rangiroa.

Manihi diving has become known as some of the best in the world, and besides this and the thriving pearl trade, very few people would probably ever have a reason to visit, besides of course the fact that this island is a veritable earthly paradise. People who travel to Manihi are instantly struck by the raw and undisrupted beauty of the coral reef, surrounding the large lagoon. Tourists enjoy Manihi diving and snorkeling, which because of the perfect mixture of winds, waves, and clarity of water, make for some of the best in the world. Even though places like Bora Bora and Moorea offer extravagant hotels and resorts, and an amazing experience as well, you will not find a place like Manihi Island in Tahiti, or any of the other Pacific resort destinations for that matter. The uniqueness of the atoll, the reef, the lagoon, the islets, and the atmosphere in general, make travel to Manihi a one-of-a-kind experience.

There is also a range of Manihi hotels to choose from, the main one being the Manihi Pearl Beach Resort, located conveniently close to the island’s airport. Guests of the Manihi Pearl Beach Resort can choose from standard, superior, overwater, and premium overwater bungalows. Each kind of bungalow is uniquely appointed with lush interior. To get the full experience of the French Polynesian bungalow, however, try to book one of the overwater bungalows. This is an unforgettable way to stay in Mahini. As if there was not already enough brilliant, crystal clear, blue water all around, now you can sleep with it streaming peacefully underneath you as well. The overwater bungalows open up onto decks, where guests can look out over the reef and watch the sun rise and set. The 24-hour concierge service can also help you arrange activities in and around the islands, such as diving and snorkeling. There is a diving center, bar, restaurant, black pearl boutique, and more.

If you are booking travel to Manihi, also be aware that there are large guest houses that serve as hotels to guests of the atoll. These places can tend to be a bit pricey, but not with enough advance planning. These places are a highlight of Manihi, and are often run by families who have had the house in their possession for years. This is a fantastic way to experience Manihi in a personal setting. It is like your own bed and breakfast, only on an amazing atoll in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The people who run the guest houses, just as those who work at a place like the Manihi Pearl Beach Resort, are very helpful when it comes to helping to organize Manihi diving excursions, and with information regarding the popular pearl trade on the island.

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Manihi, also known as Paeua, is a coral atoll in what is known as the Tuamotu...

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