Moorea Hotels

Moorea hotels are considered to be some of the most romantic destinations in the Pacific. The island of Moorea is actually known as one of the most popular hotspots for honeymooners because of its decidedly romantic, serene, and tranquil atmosphere. Moorea is also popular because of its close proximity to Tahiti, and more specifically to the international airport and the city of Papeete, where tourists are able to take a ferry directly to Moorea. People travel to the island to enjoy relaxation on pristine white and black sand beaches, water sports, and hotels in Moorea with distinctive overwater bungalows and thatched roofs. Any trip to the island of Moorea, and any stay at one of the hotels in Moorea, is guaranteed to be a pleasing and unforgettably romantic experience.

The Club Bali Hai Hotel is comparatively inexpensive, and tourists can secure rates at this hotel, which features a restaurant in the hotel, gorgeous swimming pool, bar and lounge, spa services, fitness center, and access to a private beach, and various water sports. People can jump off from the Club Bali Hai and head to the beach for surfing or snorkeling, or set up a dolphin swim with a personal concierge. This is a good example of Moorea lodging that is reasonably priced, and does not sacrifice on comfort, cleanliness, or amenities.

Of all the Moorea hotels, the Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort and Spa is an earthly paradise that will entice any traveler the first time they see the pictures or step onto the grounds. Overwater bungalows jut out into the turquoise blue Pacific, providing private and tranquil surroundings for their pampered guests. This is Moorea lodging at its best. You can choose from overwater bungalows (still amazingly well appointed) or from luxury, king-sized overwater suites. The uniqueness of each room is stunning, and one of the most appealing features of this resort is that visitors can choose from a whole range of options, each of them distinctive.

As you look for an accommodation in Moorea Island, the Hotel Hibiscus should be added to your list as it is very reasonably priced, especially in terms of hotels in Moorea that have modern appointments such as pools, lush rooms, unique bungalows, and access to water sports such as boating, surfing, and jet skiing. Each bungalow is climate controlled and nicely decorated. Guests can walk out onto the grounds and look out on the crystalline Pacific and the hibiscus flowers that cover the hotel’s landscape.

Savvy travelers looking for good rates also may be able to find a reasonable deal at the Hotel Kaveka. This is an excellent option to consider as you look for Moorea hotels that are clean, comfortable, and also private, without being prohibitively expensive. Guests stay in a number of bungalows, nicely appointed with air conditioning, television, internet access, and more. But you won’t be spending much time inside, as just outside your bungalow door at the Hotel Kaveka, you will find a private, white sand beach that sprawls out into the gorgeous, temperate Pacific waters. The local Tahitian staff is more than happy to help set up the most unique and unforgettable island tours, including dolphin swims, cruises, or night reef diving. They are also there to provide helpful information about other Moorea beaches, and destinations such as Tahiti and Bora Bora. You will find some hotels in Moorea that have luxurious suites, and others that have more rudimentary bungalows with thatched roofs. Either way, it is an enchanting and alluring way to spend your vacation, and most are extremely clean, comfortable, and conveniently located near other island attractions and places like Papeete.

As you search for Moorea lodging, be aware that there is a range of options from luxury overwater suites with lush appointments to reasonably priced hotels with clean and comfortable bungalows and private beaches. The island paradise of Moorea, and the many activities there will make an amazing vacation wherever you ultimately decide to stay.



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