Papeete Tahiti

Papeete Tahiti is a hub where tourists inevitably pass through on their way to various island and beach destinations throughout the Society Islands. As it is home to Tahiti Faa’a International Airport, and all ferries heading to Moorea leave from Papeete, tourists get a firsthand experience of the town. Papeete is not only the capital of Tahiti, but is also considered to be the capital of French Polynesia, an overseas community of France located in the Pacific Ocean, that includes Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea, Mehetia, Maiao, Huahine, Tupai, and others.

Many guests of French Polynesia fail to realize that there are a lot of things to do in Papeete as they hurry to arrive at their resort destinations. Few people plan an exclusively Papeete vacation, but savvy travelers should be advised, on any trip to Tahiti, take time to explore the capital city. Papeete travel opens up a whole host of possibilities, including shopping, nightlife, fine dining, water sports, hiking, and more. Visitors to the island venturing out on a trip to Papeete will discover the black pearl vendors located in the Quartier du Commerce. Papeete Tahiti is the world’s epicenter for fine black pearls, and yearly, tourists come from all over the globe to purchase the enviable treasures of the sea.

Papeete Tahiti has an interesting history. Whereas many of the island destinations such as Bora Bora and Moorea have become more popular and frequently visited due to the tourist industry, Papeete’s history comes out of nineteenth-century British and French exploration, conquest, and colonialism. As you explore Papeete travel, you will come to find out that William Cook, a British missionary, was first responsible for settling the island in 1818. The town and territory remained in the possession of England until France incorporated the islands as a French Protectorate around 1842.

The Tahiti Manava Visitors Bureau provides first-time guests of the island an insider’s perspective on what to do, not only in Papeete, but also on the rest of the island of Tahiti. Consider stopping here first on your trip to Papeete to get some assistance organizing and planning your itinerary.

The Place Vaiete is a public park in Papeete with waterfalls and gazebos, where tourists enjoy beautiful sunsets and vistas of the Pacific. Les Roulottes (or mobile meal carts serving good food) roll through these public areas and make it possible for tourists to enjoy a quick and affordable meal while exploring the shoreline, waterfalls, and other natural attractions in this park in Papeete.

To get a good feel for local shopping, including handicrafts, meats, wine, and produce, visit the Marche Municipale in the center of Papeete. No trip to Papeete would be complete without a trip to this marketplace, which really does give guests an opportunity to explore the unique, locally made goods in Tahiti.

When planning their vacation to Tahiti or Bora Bora, many tourists look over a place like Papeete in their understandable excitement to reach their beach destinations. Papeete travel, however, can also be interesting and exciting, and if you’re interested in shopping or nightlife, you will probably end up here anyway. Visiting Papeete and discovering all that it has to offer in terms of local charm and appeal should be something you consider putting on your list of things to do on your Tahiti vacation.

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