Rangiroa Island

If you are looking to stay near a beach or overwater bungalow on a tropical island for your next vacation, then Rangiroa may be the place for you. Located in French Polynesia, Rangiroa Island is one of the world's greatest dive destinations and is home to spectacular beaches. The secluded atmosphere and relatively untouched landscape makes Rangiroa Tahiti an ideal vacation spot for those looking for a relaxing and peaceful trip in the tropics of French Polynesia. The two main villages of Avatoru and Tiputa are relatively modern, but the rest of the island is scattered with private resorts and pink-hued beaches. Avatoru tends to be the busier village as it it home to the majority of major hotels, shops, and banks. Rangiroa travel is quite easy as the two main villages are only 45 minutes apart by boat and both offer modern amenities.

Rangiroa Atoll, the second largest atoll in the world, is home to 240 islets that form a 100-mile ring around a large lagoon meaning “Big Sky.” The lagoon is one of the world's greatest dive destinations and home to hundreds of marine species including various fish, eagle rays, sharks, and tuna. During your vacation to Rangiroa, you should “shoot the pass” between the lagoon and the Moana-tea (meaning "Peaceful Ocean") or Moana-uri ("Wild Ocean") for a rush of adrenaline and change of underwater scenery. To "shoot the pass" means you enter the current where the water changes from calm in the lagoon to untamed in the ocean (you should be accompanied by or be an experienced diver). Blue Dolphins Diving and the Raie Manta Club are two outstanding diving clubs that offer lessons, rentals and diving trips to discover the world below.

If diving is not your thing, you can explore the turquoise lagoon of Rangiroa Island on a canoe or a glass-bottomed boat. Both allow you to discover the coral gardens and schools of fish from above the water. On your vacation to Rangiroa, you can also participate in snorkeling for an up-close look at the marine wildlife that the lagoon and surrounding oceans have to offer. The best spots for snorkeling include L'Ile Aux Recifs Beach, Papiro Point, and the Mahuta area. However, the calm water of the lagoon allows for snorkeling just about anywhere on the island. Your vacation to Rangiroa should also include a lagoon excursion. This is a great way to discover the various islets of the atoll and the Blue Lagoon. You can also observe the dolphins at Tiputa Pass and visit the bird sanctuary.

Rangiroa travel would not be complete without spending some time soaking up sunshine on one of the various beaches. Rangiroa Island offers spectacular beaches all around the island due to the abundance of white sand that it is blessed with. The most popular beaches include Blue Lagoon Motu, Tiputa Point where you can picnic and soak in the vistas of the island and ocean, and L'Ile Aux Recifs where you can discover the fossilized coral formations. The majority of the beaches on Rangiroa Island are accessible, however, some are hard to come by and others and privately owned by resorts. Some of the major resorts in Rangiroa that boast these beautiful beaches and numerous other amenities are Hotel Kia Ora, Kia Ora Sauvage and the Novotel Rangiroa Lagoon resort. Whether you choose to stay in a beachfront or a garden bungalow, your stay in Rangiroa will be unforgettable.



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