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Rangiroa hotels have the daunting duty of living up to the fabulously stunning natural beauty of the world’s second largest atoll. Viewed from the air, it is hard to believe that such a place exists on earth. An atoll is essentially a coral island that fully or partially surrounds a lagoon. Rangiroa is an impressive atoll that comprises some 250 tiny islands and narrow passages, referred to as “hoa.” There are only about 2,500 people on the island, and the main town is Avatoru. Hotels in Rangiroa cater to their guests with fine amenities that accentuate the nearly unbelievable vistas provided by the atoll, complete with the deep lagoon, sprawling reef, and ocean horizon.

Rangiroa hotels are certainly not as well known as Moorea hotels or Bora Bora hotels, but they offer a completely unique charm and distinctiveness all their own. In fact, you will be hard pressed to find an accommodation in Rangiroa Island that does not meet every conceivable expectation you have. As you will be staying in what some have described as the Garden of Eden on earth, it will be hard to be disappointed with where you lay your head.

Rangiroa is known for its world-class diving and snorkeling and the hotels on the island cater to this. The way the tides and reef work together provide a unique mix for people interested in dolphin swims and diving, as tourists can swim right up to rays, exotic fish, and even sharks and dolphins, who enjoy the year-round, temperate, tropical waters in the lagoon and the Pacific waters beyond. Friendly and accommodating concierges are happy to help guests find information on these sorts of activities, and help you plan your trip. Once you have determined that the island of Rangiroa is right for you, you will need to decide on Rangiroa lodging. There are a number of options.

The Hotel Kia Ora Sauvage receives rave reviews for being one of the finest hotels in Rangiroa. Guests staying here enjoy personal attention of a friendly and accommodating staff, the privacy and tranquility of a finely appointed overwater bungalow, amazing vistas of the turquoise lagoon, and a sampling of delicious cuisine and local fruits like bananas and coconuts. The friendly staff is more than happy to help arrange a day trip, a dolphin swim, boating, or whatever your heart desires. Many couples head to Rangiroa for a romantic and private honeymoon getaway.

The Hotel Kia Ora is a great option for divers, as this is one of the hotels in Rangiroa with a dive club in the hotel. The staff also is adept at arranging nice diving trips for its guests. The deluxe beach bungalows are the best option if you desire privacy on your own deck with your own hammock, and amazing views of the water. The Kia Ora also is consistently reviewed favorably for great cuisine, cleanliness, and a welcoming staff.

If you are looking for reasonably priced Rangiroa lodging, you might try Merou Bleu, a small and secluded group of bungalows, that are well kept and secure, clean, and comfortable. And of course, as you are on this enchanted island, it will be difficult for you to not enjoy this or any other of the Rangiroa hotels. At the Merou Bleu, you will find an inviting staff, and nice accommodations. Book as far in advance as possible to ensure reservations and lock in the best possible deals.

Any Rangiroa lodging truly is enhanced by the amazingly beautiful surroundings of this atoll in the Pacific. It is such a unique body of land, a coral island surrounding a turquoise lagoon, that, if only just for a moment, everyone gets swept away by the romance, enchantment, and charm alive in the air.

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