Tahiti Surfing

Tahiti surfing, enjoyed by today's visitors, is a tradition that dates back to earliest inhabitants. As the legend goes, surf riding was the favorite sport of kings, while the strongmen raced outrigger canoes. Surfing in Tahiti is no longer relegated to the realm of royalty. Today, the waves draw the attention of expert surfers and those who'd like to try something new.

When looking for the best places to surf in Tahiti, you have a lot of choices. You'll find some excellent waves off the island of Tahiti and Bora Bora as well as some of the smaller islands. No matter where you plan to go surfing in Tahiti, you'll find some of the best barrels found anywhere, which is how surfers refer to the inside of the wave as it curls. Even if you're not conversant in surf lingo, you can learn the ropes when you take some lessons on how to surf Tahiti.

If surfing is an essential element for your ideal vacation packages, deciding when to go is important. The summer season (November through March here) is typified by swells coming in from the north. This is an excellent time for newer surfers because the waves aren't as big as the ones in winter or even a typical Hawaiian wave. When surfing in Tahiti during the winter, you'll find much bigger swells as storms sweep from the south, even from as far as Antarctica. Of course, the weather is much more mild in this island paradise than it is most places. April through October is generally the drier time of year, but some of the big storms will usher in excellent waves.

Every May, professional surfers and fans look to the tiny village of Teahupo'o with the arrival of the annual Billabong Pro surfing contest. The lovely setting, framed by lush mountains and crystal clear waters, transforms from a sleepy little village into one on the world's hottest places for surfing. As one of the best places to surf in Tahiti, Teahupo'o has earned the simple nickname, "the wave," for its distinctive waters. Because of the shallow reef, the waves are some of the heaviest anywhere with more pressure per square foot than typical waves. When the competition becomes a great memory, plenty of skilled practitioners return to Teahupo'o for some challenging Tahiti surfing.

If you're not an expert, and few people are, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the best places to surf in Tahiti on your tropical holidays. The small coral atoll of Manihi is an excellent choice for surfing on the ocean side of the island. In the calm, protected waters of the lagoon, visitors enjoy quieter pursuits, including scuba diving and swimming. On land, you'll find the chance to play volleyball, stroll the beach, tour a pearl farm. After a good night's rest in one of the overwater bungalows or one of the resorts, you'll be ready to catch a wave just minutes from your hotel accommodations.

No matter where you pick to do some Tahiti surfing, you won't have to worry about adding a surfboard to your checked luggage. Many of the local dive shops rent equipment for all kinds of watersports and provide instruction. Several of the resorts set up activities for their guests and have the insider's view on some of the best places to go surfing, which is especially great if you're just learning how to hang ten.

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