Tahiti Vacations

The Tahiti Islands, also known as French Polynesia, consist of 120 spectacular islands in the South Pacific that provides the ideal setting for a romantic honeymoon or a holiday of a lifetime. The largest island, Tahiti, is home to 178,000 residents and hundreds of seasonal vacationers. The island is a gateway to other islands, accessible by small planes or ferries, and a fun place to spend Tahiti holidays.

There are a number of reasons why Tahiti luxury vacations have been popular for decades. First, the island enjoys nonstop sun and temperatures that range from 80 degrees to 84 degrees, making Tahiti holidays possible any time of year. The islands do experience a rainy season, between October and March, but the rain occurs sporadically throughout the day and usually isn't heavy enough to ruin Tahiti vacations. Second, no matter where you decide to stay on your Tahiti honeymoon vacation, you'll probably have a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean. Tahiti vacations can be spent lounging on the private beach of your hotel, snorkeling off of a lagoon, or scoping out the unique black sand beaches of the islands. Besides enjoying the ocean, Tahiti luxury vacations can include hiking Mount Otemanu in Bora Bora, renting a moped in Moorea, or browsing Le Marche, a large and colorful market in the capital city of Papetee that sells arts, crafts, jewelry, and fresh seafood.

Most newlyweds start their Tahiti vacations by flying into the International FAA's Airport on the main island of Tahiti, in the capital city of Papetee. Papetee is a vibrant city with a distinctly French feel. One of the main attractions in Papetee is the Paul Gauguin Museum, devoted to the famous French painter who spent the last 12 years of his life painting in Tahiti. The museum displays a variety of Gauguin's paintings, engravings, and sculptures. A short walk away from the museum is the Pearl Museum. Visitors can find out about Tahiti's famous black pearl and how to tell if a pearl is authentic.

Although ocean side hotels in Tahiti are expensive, from $250 a night and up, many people feel they provide the ideal place for Tahiti luxury vacations. Several of Tahiti's luxury hotels are located just 10 miles from the airport. Some of the most popular selections are the Tahiti Beachcomber Inter-Continental Resort and the Sheraton Hotel Tahiti. The Beachcomber is unique in that it provides traditional hotel rooms or the option of having your own personal villa that sits upon stilts over the lagoon.

If you'd rather experience the beaches and attractions outside of your resort, hop on "Le Truck," Tahiti's open aired bus system. While Le Truck doesn't circle the entire island, it's an inexpensive way to see some great beaches and lagoons. Many visitors take the bus to Plage de Toaroto, a half mile long white sand beach near Papetee. If you're a passenger on one of the several cruises that dock in Papetee, "Le Truck" is an ideal way to see the island in a short amount of time.

Bora Bora Vacations

Bora Bora Vacations

Bora Bora vacations are filled with lush green mountains, sparkling turquoise waters, white sand beaches, clear blue skies, and golden sunsets. Whether you're looking for a jet-set getaway filled with luxury, honeymoons filled with romance, or an island retreat filled with relaxation, you'll find it all on a tiny island rimmed by a lagoon and covered with lush forests.

Bora Bora vacations often begin with a flight from the big island of Tahiti or Moorea, both about an hour away. The islands of Raiatea and Huahine are twenty minutes away, and regular flights are available to and from the Tuamotu Atolls and the Marquesas Islands. The airport is located on a small island, which is a short ferry ride from the main city of Vaitape. Transportation both to and from the airport can be included in many vacation packages to Bora Bora arranged by the resorts and tour agents.

Your choices for overnight accommodations are plentiful. While enjoying vacations to Bora Bora, you could stay at a luxury resort or settle into one of the overwater bungalows. The list of Bora Bora hotels also includes locally owned small hotels on the beach, guesthouses, and properties run by international corporations. All provide an excellent backdrop for Bora Bora vacations.

No matter where you choose to anchor, you'll find a wide array of things to do and activities to include in your vacation packages to Bora Bora. Many of the hotels have a full range of amenities for their guests, including dining, spa treatments, sunset catamaran cruises, recreation options, and watersports. You'll find so much explore. Even though the island is only eighteen square miles, it is filled with adventure.

The Lagoonarium is one of the most popular places to enjoy watersports while on vacations to Bora Bora. The marine park and aquarium is home to a wide variety of marine animals, including turtles, rays, and reef sharks. The sharks of Tahiti are much more gentle than their great white counterparts. Visitors are encouraged to grab a snorkel and go exploring; local guides join in to lead the way. You'll also have the chance to watch sharks and rays at feeding time, take a canoe tour, snorkel among the coral gardens, and experience the signature Tahitian hospitality and cuisine with the evening barbeque.

On land, you'll have the chance to climb aboard a specially equipped Jeep for a guided tour of the interior of the island, including Mount Otemanu and flower-filled valleys. You also can see where the American GIs were stationed during World War II. If you've ever seen South Pacific, you won't be surprised to know that Bora Bora was the inspiration for the intoxicating island of Bali Hai.



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