Tahiti Transportation

Tahiti transportation can be an absolute breeze if you know what you’re doing. Tourists should be advised to simply take a little bit of time when organizing their itinerary to look at the various services available to get them from one part of the island chain to the next. If you’re taking an international flight to Tahiti, you will be flying into Tahiti Faa’a International Airport. The two interisland carriers provide transportation in Tahiti for those connecting on smaller planes to one of the other Society Islands in French Polynesia. Also, if you are taking a ferry to Moorea from Tahiti, be aware that you will be leaving from Papeete, the capital city.

Tahiti transportation is very well organized and accessible, and only makes a trip to Tahiti that much more enjoyable. There are a few different ways to get around the island. One bit of advice for tourists, especially if it is your first time to Tahiti, is to take advantage of the knowledgeable concierges available at your hotel, resort, or cruise ship. Many of these individuals are locals who know the four corners of the island better than anyone who travels there occasionally. They are there for your convenience, so you may as well employ their services to make your transportation in Tahiti easier. Whether you are looking for Tahiti car rental, taxis, bus service, ferries, or island-jumping planes, they should be able to help

There are two main ways to get around the island in terms of public transportation in Tahiti. You can take Le Truck, which are decorated buses that make stops all over the island and provide an interesting way for tourists to get to know the island in an informal and fun way. They explore the many attractions and point out where to go surfing, diving, and where the best beaches are. On these buses, tourists lean out of the windows, are shown local hotspots, and get to interact with locals. Another option, in terms of Tahiti bus service, is the RTC. These are more traditional, large buses that make stops all over the island. They are reliable and safe and a really good way to travel around Tahiti during the day. If you’re looking for a taxi in Tahiti, that won’t be a problem either. Islanders are aware of the impact of tourism and make every effort to ensure that visitors are able to move about the island in a manner with which they are accustomed. Let your hotel or resort concierge recommend the most reliable taxi service when you arrive. Once you get to your destination, many of the shops, bars, restaurants, and clubs are within walking distance of one another, providing a casual atmosphere for tourists casually exploring the many attractions on the island.

You can also look into a Tahiti car rental if you would like to explore the island in the privacy of your own ride. Many providers cater to tourists and ensure a suitable selection of sizes and models of cars. If you rent a car, you may be missing out on getting to know the island a bit, but it is also a way to take things at your own pace, and make a stop wherever and whenever you desire.

Tahiti transportation is straight forward if you know what you’re doing, or rely on the knowledgeable concierges who know the island like the backs of their hands. Tahiti car rental, bus service, taxis, and more provide a means of getting around this gorgeous island to enjoy the beaches, diving, and other attractions in a convenient way.

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