Tahiti Wedding

A Tahiti wedding makes one of the most memorable days of your life even more amazing. The beautiful islands have become a popular place to celebrate love—and for good reason. Beyond the romantic sunsets and lovely tropical setting, a destination wedding in Tahiti offers an experience not found anywhere else. The Tahitian wedding ceremony is truly unique; the romantic ceremony in the local tradition is open to visitors who want an extraordinary way to celebrate their commitment while enjoying a South Seas vacation.

Once you've decided to take the plunge and get married in Tahiti, you'll be guaranteed a special experience, nothing like you could find at home. Whether you plan a Bora Bora wedding or you plan to stay on one of the other islands, you'll find a chance to participate in a traditional ceremony that is a truly wonderful way to unite in marriage.

A romantic, traditional beach wedding in Tahiti is also an option for those who want to renew their vows or lovebirds celebrating a milestone in the relationship. Many tour providers, including hotels, cruise lines, and tour operators can include a traditional Tahiti wedding in your vacation package. Because the traditional ceremonies are not legally binding, the celebrations are perfect for those already on their honeymoons or those planning a traditional wedding back home. Also, couples who want to celebrate their relationship without making it a legal matter are welcome to enjoy the wedding ceremony.

A Bora Bora wedding (or one on many of the other islands) is a bright festive way to celebrate love. The traditional island ceremony begins with the separation of the bridge and groom. The bride enjoys a monoi-oil massage and adorned with flowers by native Tahitian who is happy to serve as a bridesmaid. Instead of wearing a white sequined gown and carrying a bouquet, the bride wears a colorful pareu wrap-around garment along with flowers in her hair. The groom and his attendants ride a canoe to a small, outlying island called a motu, where he is painted with traditional designs and crowed with traditional leaves before returning to his bride and beach wedding in Tahiti.

The customary Tahiti wedding is performed by a local priest, conducted in the local language. The couple is graced with a Tahitian name, and if they would like, a name for their first-born child. While local women sing hymns—also in Tahitian—then the couple is presented with a marriage certificate, made of tapa parchment, a one-of-a-kind souvenir of Tahitian vacations. Another hallmark of a Bora Bora wedding comes after the ceremony is complete, the bride and groom sail off on a sunset cruise while getting serenaded with romantic songs.

The islands of Tahiti provide a spectacular setting for honeymoons. After the beach wedding in Tahiti wraps up, couples can retreat to their overwater bungalows. This land that has enchanted poets, painters, and countless romantic souls offers a wide array of adventures, including dolphin swims, scuba diving, Polynesian dance, and watching spectacular sunsets. Couples also can shop for South Seas pearls as a memento of their marriage ceremony. Pearls from the South Seas, the country largest export, look spectacular in a ring. Newlyweds can visit pearl farms and step into the Tahiti Black Pearl Museum besides doing some shopping.

Whether couples are beginning their lives together or honoring a half-century of togetherness, a Tahitian wedding and honeymoon is a wonderful way to celebrate.

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