Tahiti Vacation

Any Tahiti vacation is sure to be a magical exploration of some of the most beautiful islands in the entire Pacific Ocean. The black sand beaches, temperate climate, crystal-clear water, overwater bungalows, water sports, shopping, dining, and entertainment make any trip to Tahiti an alluring one. Since the weather on the island is nearly perfect year round, there is never really a bad time to visit. There is, however, a best time to go to Tahiti.

The peak season in French Polynesia essentially lasts from the beginning of May, and extends until end of October. Although this period every year is considered to be “peak” or “high” season, the busiest three months are June, July, and August. This is actually winter in French Polynesia. Tourist taking a Tahiti trip during this enchanted time of the year will find that the temperatures are a bit more mild, there is less rain, and the overall visibility for boating, diving, and snorkeling is better. It should be noted, however, as you consider when to go to Tahiti, that even in the slower months, temperatures only deviate by a couple of degrees and there is abundant sunshine. Also, prices at resorts and hotels on Tahiti, and places such as Bora Bora and Moorea, are more reasonable during the slower months.

Taking a Tahiti trip during the slower months (November through the end of April) is worth considering, as this may just be the best time to go to Tahiti. During the winter months in Tahiti (June through August), the hotels, resorts, and cruise ships are maxed to capacity, and there is much more competition for island activities like surfing, diving, dolphin explorations, boating, and deep sea fishing. This does not at all mean that you will have a bad time if you visit during the peak season, but you should simply be aware that the island will be more crowded, and your experience may be a little less personal and tranquil. A Tahiti vacation taken during their summer months (anytime after November through April) will provide tourists with a much more relaxed atmosphere. People who have visited during peak season and then return during the slower months will be surprised at how much slower the collective pace of the island becomes during this time.

A very appealing aspect of taking a Tahiti trip during the slower months is that the weather remains virtually perfect. The average high temperatures range up to about 85 degrees, as opposed the peak season, when temperatures average a high of about 82 degrees. So, if you think you can handle the three degree variation in high temperatures, you may want to consider taking your Tahiti vacation between November and April to enjoy a more serene and relaxed atmosphere. The only other slight drawback of the slower months in Tahiti is that there is a greater amount of rainfall. The sun shines with great frequency as well, however, and the island is yours to explore. The short answer for when is the best time to go to Tahiti is—whenever you can. Whether in the peak season or in the slower months, you will find this island in the Pacific a most pleasurable destination.

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