Anguilla Beaches

Beaches in Anguilla have some of the world's most beautiful views. On such a small island, it's amazing they have more than 30 beaches. Anguilla Beaches are open to the public, but unlike some of the other Caribbean islands, public nudity is illegal.

The beach resorts Anguilla houses are plentiful, with many being found on secluded beautiful beaches for the complete relaxation experience.

Maunday's Bay Beach is home to Cap Juluca Resort. The beautiful Moorish bungalows here face a gorgeous white sand beach that kisses turquoise waters. Like other beach resorts Anguilla offers, it has water sports equipment rentals, beach rentals and plenty of places to get drinks and food.

Rendezvous Bay is a white sand crescent shaped beach and home to one the beach resorts Anguilla likes to treasure – a romantic getaway in private cottages. Wind blows across this beautiful Anguilla making it the perfect place to lay in the shade with your loved one.

Barnes Bay, on the north shore, is a quiet and secluded beach. Like most Anguilla beaches, it is open to the public, but your only access is through Caribella Resort. Like most beach resorts Anguilla, you can find several good snorkeling spots.

Shoal Bay East is a beautiful, two mile long stretch of beach a good place for beachcombing, There are all may great beach bars and open air restaurants along this stretch of beach. It's perfect for an all day outing. There are several good snorkeling spots here too. This Anguilla beach has one of the great things to do in the Caribbean, a glass bottom boat ride. Take a ride to see all the colorful fish that swim off this beautiful Anguilla beach.

Sandy Ground is one of the more populated and "happening" beaches in Anguilla. A lot of boats dock here and there is an annual sailing competition at this beach. This a good place to experience the Caribbean nightlife.

For the adventurous traveler try Karatouche Bay. It's good for hiking and it's close to Anguilla's rain forest. You can hike up the hill to Iguana cave, but where long pants to avoid scratches. It is not like other Anguilla Beaches where you have facilities, and it's too rough for swimming or snorkeling.

There is also Captain's Bay, frequented by hikers. This Anguilla beach is reached by walking down a coral cliff. You might run into Abadarn Hole, a cave that had the roof collapse. This Anguilla beach is not for the faint of heart. Only the most adventurous should try this trek. If you can manage the trip, breathtaking views are the reward you will receive after a hike along its shore.

Limestone Bay is accessed by a long drive down a dirt road. This is a secluded beach where turtles like to nest. Go hiking and you might find a sea turtles or Iguanas off this Anguilla beach.

Another secluded Anguilla beach is Little Bay. It is often deserted because the only way to get there is by water taxi from Crocus Bay. It is a beautiful beach surrounded by a cliff. It's definitely one of the Anguilla beaches worth seeing. Swim, snorkel and head back to Crocus Bay for lunch.

This island is still very underdeveloped making for a pristine and secluded beach experience. No matter what your taste, there are plenty of beaches in Anguilla to satisfy your need for relaxation and paradise!

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Anguilla Beaches

Anguilla Beaches

Beaches in Anguilla have some of the world's most beautiful views. On such a...

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