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Anguilla food is a reflection of the island itself; both are laid back, yet sophisticated. The island's culinary scene offers a wide array of choices and specialties suitable to every palate and budget. Dining in Anguilla can be as casual as a sandwich enjoyed poolside or as lavish as five-course meal crafted by a Paris-trained chef. Add to that romantic meals on the beach and breakfast enjoyed on the patios of vacation villas, and you have a recipe for satisfying meals.

More than 70 Anguilla restaurants across the island welcome vacationers to come and sample their cuisine. Even though the island is small, you'll have many choices. Because everything is so close together, it won't take you a lot of time to experience any of the Anguilla food experiences that sound interesting to those who are enjoying their Caribbean holidays on this island.

Among the collection of five-star restaurants, budget eateries, and everything in between, you'll have the chance to sample about any cuisine you want. Many, if not most, of the menus feature the flavors of the Caribbean, especially fresh seafood and locally grown produce. You'll also find French-inspired Anguilla restaurants, steakhouses, and Italian bistros. Even picky eaters can find something they like without trouble.

If you're traveling with kids or picky eaters, don't worry. Anguilla food isn't always strange or unappealing. Plenty of restaurants serve hamburgers and chicken fingers. But it really would be a shame if someone in your travel part didn't sample the local specialties of dining in Anguilla: fried fish and johnny cakes.

While some Caribbean vacations may be filled with kids and macaroni and cheese, other vacationers spend time enjoying the finer things in life. The island's top-flight restaurants employ some of the finest and best-trained chefs around, some native born and others drawn by the beautiful weather and beaches. Many of these gourmet dishes combine locally grown spices with freshly caught snapper, lobster, and crayfish in all kind of creative dishes. The island's luxury hotels are home to a majority of the finest Anguilla restaurants.

Some of the top restaurants, both located in the hotels and freestanding, offer prix-fixe menus, which combine all courses of the meal for one set price. Often designed by the head chef, the menu will incorporate some of the restaurant's specialties in an experience that flows effortlessly from the appetizers to the main dish and through desert. You can sit back and enjoy the meal without worry if you've ordered the right thing or wonder if if the flavors will mesh. One course after another will come to your table, expertly designed and put together.

An extensive wine list is another hallmark of the best restaurants in Anguilla, as are the spectacular views. As your soaking in the views of the beach, dramatic bluffs, and the white sand beaches, you can linger of a glass a wine. Whether you pick your favorite or try a new vintage, good wine will match with the fine food and fine views. You'll find some of the best wines from around the world imported and brought to the island. A local favorite Perrier Jouet, a French champagne, is often on the menu.

Dining in Anguilla isn't limited to the restaurants. Several beach-side bars and bistros serve snacks and drinks to vacationers as they're soaking in the sun. Picnics on the beach are another popular way to enjoy a meal. Local markets can provide all the ingredients you need, and many of the vacation rentals with kitchens include picnic baskets in the available gear. And many of the hotel restaurants and dive shops can hook you up with meals to go, whether you're looking for a casual picnic or a romantic meal you'll never forget.

Image: Anguilla Board of Tourism
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