Anguilla Flights

Anguilla flights bring you to a laid-back island paradise. This charming little island in the northern Caribbean is known for its beaches, luxury resorts, and lack of pretension. Some travelers begin their holidays by taking a cruise, while others catch a charter flight or fly on regularly scheduled service. However you get here, you'll be awed by the views that you find upon arrival.

Direct flights into Anguilla and the Wallblake Airport are available from Puerto Rico, whose airport is well connected to cities around the world, especially the Caribbean and the American South. And once you've arrived in San Juan, Puerto Rico's main airport, you're only an hour away from Anguilla by air.

The San Juan Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport is a hub for American Airlines and is serviced by several other airlines, welcoming flights from Newark, Houston, and New York City. Many Florida cities are just a direct flight away from San Juan, including Orlando, Panama City, and Miami.

Flying on a budget airline here is one way to find cheap airfare to Anguilla. You pick the cheapest flight to San Juan and the cheapest one into Anguilla, which could be different airlines. Surprisingly, it can be cheaper to fly on two different airlines, if you do some research.

Direct Anguilla flights also travel to and from the next-door island of Saint Martin/St. Maarten. Anguilla's neighbor is just eight miles away, measured between the beaches. It can take less than ten minutes to make that flight; it's not enough time for peanuts and soda, but it goes by in a flash. The island with both French and Dutch communities is home to the Caribbean's second largest airport (San Juan is the biggest). The Princess Juliana International Airport can accommodate jumbo jets,which make their final approach right over the beach. The airport welcomes direct flights from Atlanta, Charlotte, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale. You'll also find flights from Toronto, New York, and Washington. If you want to do some island-hopping vacations, you could begin in Jamaica, Saint Thomas, Trindad, and many others before making the hop to Anguilla from Saint Martin. A regularly scheduled ferry provides service to Anguilla, an alternative to making that last leg of your journey by air. Anguilla's terminal is close to the most popular beach hotels.

Direct flights into Anguilla also come from two other islands in the Caribbean—Antigua and Saint Kitts. Sharing a similar sounding name, Antigua is the home to the V.C. Bird International Airport as well as pink-sand beaches and excellent snorkeling sites. Along with sending out Anguilla flights, the airport welcomes flights from cities across the U.S. And Great Britain. The RL Bradshaw Airport in Saint Kitts is another small, yet well-equipped transportation hub handling interisland and international flights.

After you've steeped off your direct flights into Anguilla, you'll have to show your passport before heading out to to explore. Before your flight home leaves, you'll have to pay a small departure tax, but it won't take long to make it through customs.

If you're the kind of traveler you want to saves money of your flights, you'll want to look around for cheap airfare to Anguilla. If you can be flexible with your travel plans, you'll be more likely to save money. Even though the weather is consistently beautiful throughout the year, there are high and low seasons for tourism. During the high season, which is January through March, more flights are available. Increased availability often mean cheaper rates.

That doesn't mean there's no hope for cheap airfare to Anguilla the rest of the year. Sometimes staying an extra day or leaving on early morning flight can save you money no matter what time of year it is. Bargain hunters may be surprised how cost effective it can be to book one of the charter flights or ferries. Around the Caribbean, transportation is available in many forms by air and sea. You don't have to have a lot of money to book customized transportation to Anguilla.

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