Anguilla Holidays

Anguilla holidays invariably take advantage of the two most famous natural resources of the island—the Caribbean Sea and more than 30 beautiful and unspoiled beaches. Because this island is so small (only about 3 miles wide and 16 miles long), it has a relatively small and recent tourism industry when compared to better known islands such as Nassau Bahamas and Jamaica. This means romantic holidays to Anguilla are very popular. This is because so many of the beaches are secluded, often virtually deserted.

Something else that lends itself to romantic holidays to Anguilla is the high percentage of luxury hotels and resorts located here. These provide the kind of pampering and decadent indulgences that many honeymoon couples are seeking. Anguilla holidays providing the ultimate in luxury will be at some of the island’s villas, many of which can be considered palatial. The Covecastle Villas on Shoal Bay West, next to Maundays Bay and the exclusive Cap Juluca Hotel. come fully staffed with resident gourmet chef, maids and even a butler. The famous actor Denzel Washington owns one of these villas that are from 3,600 to more than 5,000 square feet in size and boast as many as five fully en suite bedrooms.

Many of the most luxurious properties offer romantic holidays to Anguilla targeted especially to honeymoon couples. The Malliouhana Resort and Spa on Meads Bay will go so far as to make all the arrangements for the wedding itself, including the wedding license, bachelor and bachelorette parties, the wedding banquet, and spa treatments for the honeymoon couple. In order to obtain a legal license, the couple must arrive on the island at least two business days before the ceremony and provide proof of citizenship and unmarried status.

Even relatively cheap holidays to Anguilla—especially during the shoulder and off seasons—can provide elegance and luxury. Look for the Ku Hotel located on the most famous of the island’s beaches, beautiful Shoal Bay Beach. The Ku Hotel has 27 deluxe suites, a beachfront dining spot and bar, delicatessen (so you can put together picnics), a spa, fitness center, dive shop, and shopping boutique. This great property is surprisingly affordable during the slower seasons.

Cheap holidays to Anguilla are available at an even more affordable rate in places such as the charming Arawak Inn on the beach at Island Harbor. Modest, airy rooms, some with fully equipped kitchens, are available for a long-term stay at rates that are less than monthly rent in many places in the United States. In fact, this laid back property offers “laid off and unemployed” package rates for less than $1,000 per month. On a lighter note, the property also offers pregnant guests as much complimentary ice cream and pickles as they can eat. In addition to a small casual and restaurant, the Arawak operates a beach seafood and barbecue restaurant offshore on Scilly Cay, a tiny little island cay similar to Sandy Island offshore of Sandy Ground Beach.

You can also find cheap holidays to Anguilla by purchasing all inclusive vacation packages from tour operators in the United States and Europe. These often include features such as international flights, accommodations in hotels, some meals, and maybe even a scuba diving or snorkeling excursion. In fact, scuba diving Anguilla holidays are extremely popular. You can book daily dive excursions from your hotel or take advantage of dive vacations that are cruises lasting several days onboard a yacht. Most of these kinds of yachts are available for charter on the neighboring island of St. Martin.

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