Little Bay Anguilla

Little Bay Anguilla is one of the most picturesque spots on the island. It is set on the northern coast east of Crocus Bay and north of The Valley. If the owners of the two sumptuous mansions on the cliffs overlooking it had their wishes, it would probably be a private beach with no public access. But all beaches here are public by law, as are most beaches on the vast majority of the Caribbean islands. Nonetheless, the Little Bay Beach still has the aura of a private secluded piece of paradise. The main reason for this is that it cannot be accessed from land unless you are in good enough shape to climb down a rope that dangles from the cliff above or to swim (about twenty minutes) from Crocus Bay. Otherwise, the only way to get to this little gem is by boat. Most of the hotels near Little Bay Anguilla can assist you with booking an excursion.

Little Bay Beach consists of about 325 feet of powdery fine white coral sand surrounded on three sides by high cliffs. It’s a beautiful pristine spot that you can have all to yourself much of the time. Even if some other intrepid explorers show up, it still feels as though you are alone in a lovely natural setting of green cliffs, white sand, and sparkling turquoise waters. One of the rules that help to keep this Little Bay Anguilla so secluded is that boats are not allowed to drop anchor offshore. If they were, the pristine bay would be full of boats much of the time. If you just want the experience of visiting one of the most famous beaches on the island during your vacations, you can have a fisherman or local boat owner drop you off for 20 to 60 minutes, and then slowly circle while you enjoy the experience. Consequently, there are rarely more than a couple of boats in sight at any given time. Often, no one is here but you. Don’t worry, boat operators are reliable and will come back for you at a set time if you plan on spending an extended period here.

Because Little Bay Beach is so protected, there is no surf, making it an excellent snorkeling site. If you stay for any length of time, bring all you own gear—towels, picnic lunch, drinking water—because there are no facilities. In addition to the colorful tropical fish to be seen below the surface, this spot is known for its pelicans. The ungainly looking birds that are masterful fishers will swim alongside you, and sometimes make a daring dive into the water right next to you.

Cruises to Little Bay Anguilla can be booked from just about any place on the island, but the place to find the largest number of boat operators is at Sandy Ground Beach, the island’s main harbor and commercial port. Another commercial center is the nearby town and the island’s capital of The Valley, which is only about a mile away. However, it is inland, and most boat operators are found right on the coast. This is a small island, and even if you are not staying in hotels near Little Bay Anguilla there is not much a trip to get here. Most of the luxury hotels and beach resorts are located on the western end of the island, and most of the hotels near Little Bay Anguilla are modest guesthouses, apartments, and small hotels concentrated around Crocus Bay. One is a landmark that is part of the history of the Anguilla tourism industry. Lloyd’s Bed and Breakfast Inn is spacious and charming, built in the traditional Caribbean cottage style and has been a fixture on the island since 1959.

Image: aturkus (Flickr)
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