Maundays Bay

Maunday's Bay is located on the southwestern coast of the island, and is pretty much taken up completely by the Cap Juluca Hotel, one of the finest resorts on the island. You do not have to be a guest at Cap Juluca to enjoy the beach, as all beaches on the island are public. If one of the hotels near Maunday's Bay is where you’re staying, you can access the lovely bay through the resort by land. You can also get here by boat from anywhere else on the island or from the nearby island of St. Martin, which is visible about six miles away.

Maunday's Bay Beach is one of the quieter of the beaches on the island precisely because it is completely surrounded by Cap Juluca. The beach is about a mile long and covered with powdery fine white sand. The swimming and snorkeling are excellent, and the bay is good for water skiing and windsurfing. Cap Juluca operates the Temenos Golf Club, the only golf course on the island, an 18-hole championship course designed by golf legend Greg Norman.

The hallmark of this luxurious resort, as well as other luxury villas and hotels near Maunday's Bay is, well, luxury. The Cap Juluca has beautiful beachfront rooms and suites, as well as villas with three and five bedrooms. To give you an idea of the kind of pampering to expect, the resort offers private Gulfstream jet flights direct from the continental United States. The aircraft can hold as many as fourteen passengers in true first-class comfort. Since there are otherwise no direct commercial flights into the island’s airport, this means you can get to Maunday's Bay without time-consuming connections in Puerto Rico or St. Martin.

Shoal Bay West (the western tip of the island’s answer to Shoal Bay East) is located right next to Maunday's Bay Beach just to the west. Here are the opulent Covecastles Villas, designed by noted architect Myron Goldfinger from Canada. These are lavish villas with from one to five bedrooms, fully furnished like opulent mansions and each with their own swimming pool. Visitors who can afford to stay here are apt to arrive with their own entourage of chefs, maids, and butlers, but housekeeping staff and a resident chef can be arranged in advance. To give you an idea of the kind of opulence to expect, actor Denzel Washington owns one of these villas. Celebrity sightings on Maunday's Bay Beach are apt to include Beyonce, Jay-Z, Halle Berry, or Brad Pitt. Many of these celebrities will stay at the Altamer Villas, also on Shoal Bay West.

There are some hotels near Maunday's Bay that are in a more affordable price range. Just to the east is the Paradise Cove at Cove Bay, with studios and one- and two-bedroom suites. This is a great place for family vacations, and the resort offers a children’s swimming pool, children’s playground, and many beach activities. Next to Cove Bay is Rendezvous Bay with the CuisinArt Resort and Spa. Located on this beach is the famous Bankie Banx's Dune Preserve, a popular place for dining, drinking, and great calypso and reggae music.

You can even get to Maunday's Bay quite easily if you’re staying on the opposite (northern) coast, as Meads Bay Beach and its many hotels and resorts are less than a mile away.

Image: tiarescott (Flickr)
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