Scrub Island Anguilla

Scrub Island Anguilla is a small, windswept and uninhabited island off the northeastern tip of the main island. It is privately owned by a local family, but the beaches on it (as are all Anguilla beaches and those on most Caribbean islands) are public property. All construction and development projects along the coastline, even private homes and exclusive luxury hotels, must demonstrate plans to allow public access before approval for construction is given.

Because of the public nature of the shoreline, you can enjoy a tour to Scrub Island Anguilla without worrying about getting the permission of the owners. This includes camping out on the Scrub Island beaches if you so desire. Generally, it’s also possible to hike the interior of the island, which is only about three square miles in area. Whether or not your tour to Scrub Island Anguilla includes a hike in the interior, it is assumed you will have respect for the ecological fragility of the area and the owners’ rights. There are no bars or dining spots and no restrooms or other facilities. You need to bring all your supplies with you, and pack them out with you in order to maintain the pristine nature of this lovely place.

The best of the Scrub Island beaches is on the leeward side, facing Windward Point Bay on the main island. It is nearly 1,000 feet long and covered with fine white sand. Waters on the leeward beach are usually calm, making a wonderfully relaxing spot to enjoy a day’s excursion and get in some excellent snorkeling. Body surfing is also particularly good here. Dolphins are often in this little bay and, if lucky, you may find yourself swimming with them. All the other Scrub Island beaches either wholly or partially face the prevailing winds, and the waters can be choppy. Because of the waves and rocky areas here, there is good tide pooling to be enjoyed.

The interior of Scrub Island Anguilla is covered with low hills, patches of desert cactus, salt ponds, and wild goats that get their fresh water from the pear cactus. Low scrub and dramatic lava rock make for a windswept landscaped reminiscent of Scotland. There are the ruins of an old hotel to explore, as well as the wreck of a crashed airplane. Part of the history of Anguilla is smuggling, and the crashed plane was probably involved in smuggling. During the whale watching season, whales are often spotted offshore along the island’s southern coastline.

Almost all visitors enjoy a tour to Scrub Island Anguilla on small boat cruises. You can book one of these yourself by strolling down to the seaside and negotiating with a boat owner. The best places to find these are in the communities of Shoal Bay Village and Island Harbor. Additionally, most of the hotels and resorts will be able to assist you in booking one. On days with high seas, it is sometimes not possible to land the boat, so choose a calm day. You can also book a helicopter sightseeing tour to Scrub Island Anguilla from the nearby island of St. Martin.

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