Anguilla Shopping

Anguilla shopping offers a mix of local products and imported treasures. This small island is home to an array of shops, markets, and boutiques that carry a wide range of products. While you're enjoying your island holidays, you can spend some time shopping in stores that look nothing like the big boxes back home.

Many of the beachside hotels and villas come with full kitchens, so it makes sense to stop by one of the Anguilla markets to fill the refrigerator with fresh food and ingredients for meals. In the Valley (the island's main city), you'll find familiar supermarkets offering groceries, a deli, and fresh produce. You'll also find outdoor Anguilla markets, much like farmer's markets, within walking distance of the beach and villas. Many visitors consider the fresh markets as some of the best shopping in Anguilla. Because they're so close, you don't have to buy a lot at one time. You could pick up enough for lunch and return again in the morning to get more fresh food for breakfast.

The luxury hotels are another place to look for the best shopping in Anguilla. Don't think tiny gift shops with newspapers and sun block. These shops are more little boutiques and upscale stores you'd find in chic downtowns and shopping districts. Many times, you don't need to be a guest to enjoy their retail options, which include resort wear, home decor, and jewelery. You'll also find dive shops where you can shop for (or rent) all the equipment you need for diving, snorkeling, and enjoying time on the water.

The Anguilla shopping scene also includes specialty stores and boutiques. Some carry fresh pastries in the European tradition, often with table and chairs where you can spend some time enjoying your fresh treats with a cup of coffee. You'll also find British imports, gift shops, and organic markets in the mix of available stores. Whether you're looking to stock up for your needs while you're enjoying your vacation or you want to bring some gifts home, the specialty stores will have what you need. The shopkeepers can offer suggestions and answer any questions you may have. The native language in Anguilla is English, so communication is a breeze with the locals.

Several Anguilla markets specialize in wine and liquor, imported from the Caribbean and abroad. Patron Spirits is often included on the lists of the best shopping in Anguilla, especially for those who want to taste freshly made Caribbean creations. While the spirits are distilled elsewhere, they are blended and bottled at this shop along Sandy Ground Beach. Visitors of drinking age, which begins at 16 on this island, can arrange to take a factory tour to see how the company's Pyrat Rums come together, following with a visit to the tasting room and souvenir shop.

Those who really love to shop can add a visit to Saint Martin to their Anguilla shopping plans. Just a few minutes away by ferry, the neighboring island offers chic duty-free shopping. This longtime free port is home to some of the world's top luxury brands and boutiques carrying the latest in fashion. The air-conditioned West Indies Mall is located along the Marigot waterfront, offering three floors of shopping and restaurants. After you've shopped for new jewelry, a new outfit, or gifts for your friends back home, it won't take long to make your trip back to your Anguilla accommodations.

Image: Anguilla Board of Tourism
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