Things to Do in Anguilla

Things to do in Anguilla involve a lot of sun and sand. This friendly English-speaking island is loved for its beaches, where people gather to feel the warmth of the sun on their shoulders and the cool sand under their toes. Anguilla holidays will also afford you the chance to sample fresh food, visit museums, play a round of golf, and take things at your own pace. With pleasant weather year-round, you can enjoy the Anguilla attractions no matter when you visit.


The most talked about Anguilla attractions are, without a doubt, the beaches. The coast is lined by 33 pristine, white-sand beaches, some of the best around. If you're looking for a quiet, secluded beach, you'll find the trip to Captain's Bay worth the effort. After a short hike, you'll arrive at a beautiful stretch of sand lapped by the waves of the Caribbean Sea. Fun in the sun is readily available at the Shoal Bay Beach. This mile-long beach is lined by several restaurants and dive shops that can equip you with everything you need to enjoy watersports or a meal with a view. The restaurants specialize in cuisines that fuse fresh Caribbean flavors with European dining experiences.


Many of the things to do in Anguilla are found off shore. You can enjoy the scenery from the new vantage point as you take a sunset excursion or step aboard a sailing charter. Skilled sailors can rent a vessel, with or without a crew, while lessons are readily available for beginners. Anguilla visitors also enjoy windsurfing and kayaking. You don't need to worry about bringing along equipment on your flights. Many resorts have gear available for their guests and can direct them to where the cruises depart.

Snorkeling and Diving

The list of things to do in Anguilla includes many chances to see what's happening beneath the surface of the Caribbean Sea. The waters are calm, without a strong current, so even beginners will feel comfortable doing some snorkeling. Not far from the beaches, you'll find a wonderful world beneath the sea, home to angel fish, turtles, and a whole rainbow's worth of marine life. Diving opportunities include several wrecked ships, including El Buen Consejo, a Spanish galleon. A natural coral reef of colorful corals also thrives beneath the waters of Anguilla.


Back on land, you can soak in the scenery and get in a round of golf at the same time. In 2006, the options for Anguilla attractions expanded with the opening of the Temenos Golf Course, created by Greg Norman. The Cap Juluca Hotel has reopened the course as of 2009, adding it to its list of resort amenities. Guests staying at other hotels can pay greens fees, which are discounted in the evening.

History and Culture

As you spend time exploring Anguilla tourist attractions, you'll have a chance to experience the island's history. The Wallblake House Plantation is one of the best examples of the British Colonial era remaining on the island. Today, it's a national landmark and a museum open for the tours, as well as one of the top rated Anguilla tourist attractions. It's found in The Valley, the main city of Anguilla, not far from the Anguilla National Trust Museum. Exhibits here detail what makes the island special, such as yachting and the wildlife that call the island home.

Beyond the museum, the National Trust offers birdwatching tours, works on conservation, and cares for Anguilla's natural and cultural treasures. Other Anguilla tourist attractions include The Valley's art galleries and the Heritage Museum Collection, located in the East End. This site displays the collection historian and Anguilla expert, Colville Petty.

Image: Anguilla Board of Tourism
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