Houses for Rent on Anguilla

Houses for Rent on Anguilla
Houses for Rent on Anguilla

Houses for rent on Anguilla are available all over the island, which is not a large area, but large enough so that Anguilla vacation rentals comprise the highest number of accommodation types on the island, including both luxurious and modest beach resorts and hotels. An Anguilla beach house rental is the most sought after, as the sparkling pristine beaches of this small island are world famous. Shoal Bay Beach on the northwestern coast often appears on international lists as one of the best beaches in the world.

Anguilla Vacation
Anguilla Vacation

The vast majority of Anguilla vacation rentals are villas. Some are as opulent as mansions, and you are apt to find Hollywood celebrities and their entourages staying in these. Others are privately owned houses for rent on Anguilla that you can book directly from owners. Travel agents putting together a package for your vacations can book these as part of the overall package. Self-contained villas and vacation rentals far outnumber any other form of accommodation on the island, and a luxury vacation to Anguilla takes advantage of the numerous opulent ones, many of which can only be called mansions. These are available as large as several thousand square feet in area with up to six bedrooms. Many come with resident chef, butler, maid, and other staff. You can find villas that are offered by private owners scattered all over the island. Most are part of commercial complexes like the Covecastles (one villa here is owned by actor Denzel Washington) located next to Maunday's Bay.

Don't panic if you have a more limited budget than a famous movie star. There are plenty of more affordable Anguilla vacations that take advantage of more moderately priced properties. Even these have lovely rooms and villas, many located right on sparkling white beaches. The Carimar Beach Club, offering villa type apartments on Meads Bay, and the Shoal Bay Villas are examples.

The largest community is the capital of The Valley, which is inland and has a permanent population of only about 12,000. There are other small communities scattered all over the island, and just about everyone has an Anguilla beach house rental available seasonally or throughout the year. Some visitors fall in love with this island and purchase homes that they occupy only for portions of the year. They are generally offered as Anguilla vacation rentals when the owners aren't in residence. Not all of these private homes are pricey mansions affordable only by members of the jet set, but are simply lovely one-, two-, and three-bedroom houses offering privacy and flexibility.

Not all rentals are located directly on beaches, but the island is so small that a beach is never more than a mile or so away. The island's coastline boasts more than 30 beaches, and some are very secluded. It's possible to find houses for rent on Anguilla that give you a beach virtually to yourself. Island Harbour west of Shoal Bay Beach is one of these, and it gives you easy access to uninhabited Scrub Island on the far western tip of the main island. There is excellent snorkeling and scuba diving here, as there is off almost every beach. The lure of Scrub Island is the fact that you can have this little speck of land almost to yourself. Island Harbour also is home to the laid back Arawak Inn, which is so laid back it offers vacation rentals for the unemployed. Rent here can be less per month than you would pay for a similar apartment with kitchenette in the United States.

Some rentals are part of luxury hotels with all the resort amenities you normally expect from world class properties, from tennis courts and swimming pools to exclusive gourmet dining spots. The exquisite Ku Hotel and Resort on Shoal Bay Beach and the elegant Cap Juluca Hotel on Maunday's Bay are examples. In addition to the typical resort type of amenities, the Cap Juluca operates the island's only golf course, a championship 18-hole course designed by the legend Greg Norman from Australia. Some, like the Carimar Beach Resort on Meads Bay, offer the feel of an Anguilla beach house rental in a vacation complex. You can also find some very affordable apartment rentals, especially along Sandy Ground Beach, which is the island's main harbor and cruise port.

Sandy Ground Beach is the location of the island's main harbor and port. One kind of luxury vacation to Anguilla is aboard Caribbean cruises that dock here. The island is not a port stop for the large ocean liners that carry hundreds and thousands of passengers to mass market destinations like Jamaica and Nassau, and the ships that dock here are generally are generally small luxurious ships carrying only 100 to 150 passengers.

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