Antigua Airport

Antigua airport is where many visitors begin their vacations. The beautiful island in the heart of the Caribbean is known for its beautiful beaches, interesting history, and welcoming people. It's easy to get to the island, either by air, cruises, or ferry. When you decide to arrive by air, it's also easy to find flights from hubs around North America.

The sister islands' main airport, the VC Bird International Airport, now stands at the site of a onetime U.S. Air Force base. It closed after World War II, then transitioned into the Coolidge International Airport. In the 1980s, the airport was named for Vere Cornwall, the man who served as the first minister of Antigua and Barbuda, taking the airport code ANU.

While today's facility is small and has one terminal, the VC Bird International Airport is equipped with things travelers need once they land. You'll find a bar, restaurant, ATM, and access to ground transportation. Taxis are available at a fixed price for the fifteen-minute ride into St John's, and regular bus service is available throughout the capital city.

If you want to rent a car, you'll have your choice of several different companies, including internationally recognized names. As long as you're licensed to drive in your home country, you can obtain a temporary permit, which the rental company can help you with. Don't forget that driving here is on the left side of the road. Cars for hire are also available at the Antigua airport, taking you directly where you want to go on the small and charming island.

Despite its size, the airport in Antigua and Barbuda welcomes flights from around the world—North America, Europe, South America, and many locations around the rest of the Caribbean. With a combination of direct routes and short connecting flights, you can arrive at this tropical paradise without spending a lot of time in the air.

Travel from the United Kingdom includes direct flights from London's Gatwick as well as routes with stopovers in Barbados and San Juan, Puerto Rico. If you're starting off in North America, you could step on a plane in Toronto, Miami, Newark, and Charlotte and step off right in Antigua. Other airlines provide international service from Atlanta, New York's JFK airport, and Baltimore. It takes about four hours to get from New York to the VC Bird International Airport, three from Miami, and only eight to make it across the pond from London.

Direct flights are from many of the surrounding islands, making it easy to explore much of the Caribbean. In less than an hour, you could travel from the airport in Antigua and Barbuda to Trinidad, Barbados, and Grand Cayman. If you want to head to one of the other surrounding islands, you could catch a charter flight; service is available to St. Barts, Montserrat, Nevis, and St Kitts.

Unlike some places, you won't have to worry much about seasonal flights. Most airlines provide year-round service to airport in Antigua and Barbuda. When you plan to arrive at the first of the year, Christmas, or any date in between, you'll arrive at a time the airport is fully operational. The weather is very likely to be spectacular whenever you arrive. Antigua is one of the sunniest islands anywhere, averaging more than 300 days of sun a year.

Antigua's sister island of Barbuda is also always sunny, and is accessible by a high-speed ferry. The terminal is close to the Antigua airport, making it easy to include time at both islands. The pink-sand beaches, dive sites, and resorts are only a 90-minute ride away from the main island.



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