Barbuda is like a younger sibling to Antigua. It is smaller and less developed, and reveals a much more innocent landscape not yet exposed to the kind of tourism Antigua has experienced. Less development doesn't mean there are not things to do in Barbuda. A Barbuda vacation means access to an almost deserted island and one that is only 25 miles from Antigua. Commercial development is so scarce that much of Barbuda is in its original state. The trade off to enjoying such a pristine island environment is being a little more prepared when heading out as most beaches that have few or no facilities.

For some people, the thought of such little infrastructure may sound unappealing. There are no luxury hotels (they simply don't survive the isolation), and a lack in transportation, all inclusive resorts, or basically most amenities. On the flip side, some tourists find the lack of most everything except stunning coastline and great water-based activities the ultimate for Caribbean vacations. Yet Barbuda is still the least visited island in the eastern Caribbean. The local airstrip is located in the central town called Codrington.

Codrington is home to one small resort and a handful of guesthouses. Dining and shopping are both available and fresh food is available at the local market. In town, the locals and few tourists seem to embrace the absence of crowds, but even though they like their secluded island, the locals are some of the most friendly you'll meet.

Before any sightseeing on Barbuda Island most visitors check out the beaches, for a deserted Caribbean beach really is a sight to behold. Beaches are located on all sides of Barbuda. Most are unspoiled with little or no development around, while some others are designated beaches for Barbuda hotels. The only time the most deserted beaches are filled with boisterous crowds is during holiday weekends when Barbudans head out for a shoreline party. These weekends include Good Friday weekend, Somer's Day, and any public holidays that fall on weekends. Picnics, food, loud music, and truckloads of Barbudans spend the day, or weekend, by the seaside.

There are many things to do in Barbuda aside from lounging around the beaches. During a Barbuda vacation, fishing, snorkeling, diving, birdwatching, and caving are top activities. There are several fascinating caves to explore around Barbuda. Frigate Bird Sanctuary is the best spot to see the Frigate bird, one of the oldest bird species known to man. Dining and shopping are more options for exploring this remote and quiet island paradise. The few local bars in the heart of Barbuda present a few interesting nightlife options. Most bars serve traditional fare as well as range of beer and alcohol.

Most visitors heading off on a Barbuda vacation get to the island by air. The ferry is another option, but may not be too convenient for day trips because of the schedule. Most flights to Barbuda arrive early and leave late, leaving more than adequate time for sightseeing. Tours are the best way to enjoy things to do in Barbuda during a day trip. Visitors should note there is no public transportation and hiring a driver, or booking tours, is one of the only ways to get around. Another notable tidbit is some tours don't happen, even when booked, and sometimes drivers fail to arrive to pick up tourists so be sure to confirm all tour arrangements ahead of time

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