Antigua Cruises

Antigua cruises are a popular way to arrive on the island as well as a way to travel in style. Throughout the year, people step off of cruise ships to enjoy the white-sand beaches, stately architecture, and friendly people found on Antigua and its sister island of Barbuda.

The Antigua cruise port is a part of Heritage Quay in the capital city of St. John's. Since the 1980s, the island authorities have been working to modernize the port so it can accept today's large and modern cruise ships. With the addition of the finger pier, the port is now able to handle two ships at one time, so even more people can visit this charming island.

Many of the world's largest companies operate cruises to Antigua and Barbuda throughout the year. Because of the pleasant weather from January to December, you can schedule a trip whenever you want to go, without worry about a lack of amenities or services during an off season. And with so many different Antigua cruises setting sail, you can go with the vacation that best suits you, whether this is your first cruise to the Caribbean or you've visited many times before.

Once passengers step off their Antigua cruises, they find a place that's worth spending some time. Duty-free shopping one of the best things to do upon arrival, and Heritage Quay features more than 50 air-conditioned shops. You'll have the chance to browse shops offering apparel, jewelry, and sporting goods. Many shoppers enjoy the arts and crafts, handcrafted by local Antiguans, while they're spending time exploring what Heritage Quay has to offer.

The Antigua cruise port and wharf also is an entertainment hotspot by day and night. Whether you've just arrived on a cruise ship, made the short trip from the Barbuda ferry, or came from your hotel, you'll find a wealth of opportunities to enjoy good food and live music at the restaurants and nightclubs here. There are ample chances for adults to sample Caviler, the locally made rum. Beyond the shops and entertainment options, the Antigua cruise port is home to one of the island's beach hotels.

While many vacations begin on a ship, not everyone arrives on cruises to Antigua and Barbuda. Some island hoppers travel from one of the nearby islands such as St Kitts or Montserrat. Regular air service links the islands of the Caribbean through short flights. The airport in St John's also welcomes flights from Miami, New York City, London, and other major cities.

No matter how you arrive on the island, you can still include Antigua and Barbuda cruises in your vacation plans. The island has a long, proud history of sailing, ever since Admiral Nelson and the British Army ruled the day. Today, you can discover the island's maritime heritage at Nelson's Dockyard National Park.

When you feel like setting sail for a while, you could book one of the Antigua and Barbuda cruise excursions. Local outfitters offer a full schedule of sightseeing excursions and sunset sails. Sailing charters are readily available, both for seasoned sailors and landlubbers who want to go along for the ride. Other cruises offer more than a chance to see the pretty scenery. Some boats take divers out to the deeper waters, while others take anglers to where the big fish are found.

No matter what kind of cruise you include in your vacation plans, you'll have the chance to spend time on enjoying the beautiful waters of the Caribbean.

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