Darkwood Beach Antigua

Darkwood Beach Antigua looks exactly like you'd expect a tropical beach to look. A ribbon of white sand twirls and twists alongside calm turquoise waters, with some palm trees reaching to the clear, bright skies. While this may sound like a dream, Darkwood is very much a real place, found on the southern coast of the island, not far from Jolly Harbor and Carlisle Bay.

Many people rave about the snorkeling at Darkwood Beach on their vacations. Beneath the calm, warm waters, you'll find well-developed coral reefs teeming with colorful marine life—a rainbow's worth of fish, anemones, and sea turtles. A dive shop right will provide you with the equipment needed for snorkeling at Darkwood Beach, including tips about the best places to go snorkeling and more about what to expect underneath the water.

Visitors also enjoy Darkwood Beach Antigua for the typical seaside pursuits, such as strolling, soaking in the sun, and swimming. If you want to spend time relaxing, this relatively quiet and undeveloped beach will provide a fantastic place for relaxing. Chair and umbrella rentals are readily available along the beach, perfect for a relaxing afternoon. When the sun is sinking into the sea, a beach chair is one of the best seats in the house.

While this stretch of white sand is quieter than some of the beaches in the capital city of St John's, it's hardly deserted. The hotels near Darkwood beach provide all of the modern comforts within steps of the beautiful beach. Seaside dining is one of the activities that draws people to Darkwood Beach Antigua, along with the amazing scenery of course.

The hotels near Darkwood Beach also offer a variety of places for overnight accommodations, including private villas and oceanside rooms. When you choose one of the beach hotels, you can spend time experience the tropical splendor of Darkwood Beach just steps from your room.

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