Antigua and Barbuda Foods

Antigua and Barbuda foods were first introduced to the islands by the Arawaks, a group of original inhabitants discovered on the islands by the Spanish in the late fifteenth century. Today, the most common dishes found in well-known Antigua restaurants illustrate clearly that these staples have stood the test of time, nourishing islanders for more than five centuries. Famous food of Barbuda and Antigua is easily found when dining throughout each of the islands. Sweet potatoes, mangos, guava, and corn are a few of the staple island foods found in many local dishes.

Famous food of Barbuda includes the black pineapple. Though not actually black in color, it's called the black pineapple because at its fully ripened state it is extremely dark green in color, a trait not seen in the common island pineapple. It is the dark color that is referred to in the term black. The pineapple is one of the best known Antigua and Barbuda foods and can be seen throughout many island designs historically utilized as a motif in Caribbean sculptures, carvings, and furniture. Pineapple is eaten in salads, main dishes, and in desserts.

Antigua restaurants offer the best examples of island food. Dining is one of the top things to do on Antigua, not only because of the delicious dishes available but also because many restaurant settings are simply magnificent. Hundreds of choices around the island mean transportation isn't necessary to enjoy a great eatery. Antigua restaurants present an array of choices, from casual to fine dining and beachfront cafes to upscale restaurants in St John's. Many Antigua and Barbuda dining options offer nightly entertainment, often in the form of live, Caribbean-inspired music with dancing.

Anyone sampling Antigua and Barbuda foods will notice that lobster is one of the most popular, and most often seen dishes around. Red snapper comes in at a close second with a few other fish species coming in third depending on availability (which is determined by the season and conditions). Larger Antigua hotels and Barbuda hotels offer a fairly large selection of imported fruits, vegetables, and meat. There are fast food options when trying out Antigua and Barbuda dining options, but you won't find a McDonalds or Wendy's. Island fast food comes in form of falafels, lamb, chicken, and other local Antigua and Barbuda foods.

A large variety of famous food of Barbuda can be tried throughout Codrington, the island's main town. With both Antigua and Barbuda dining, the widest variety of choices are available in the main capital and town. Many Barbuda and Antigua restaurants serve only a few local dishes with lunch being the busiest meal time. Many eateries only offer breakfast and lunch, so be sure to check before heading out. Meat and rice is another of the most popular dishes. If you are a vegetarian, a vegetable mix can commonly be substituted for meat. Rotis are patties filled up with curried beef, chicken, or potatoes. Pepperpot is another famous island dish. It is a hearty stew cooked with vegetables and meat.

Many of the best Antigua restaurants are centered around St John's, along the west coast. Some establishments get extremely busy and require a reservation and expect guests to adhere to a dress code. An assortment, including French, British, American, Caribbean, and Indian foods are all available. Oceanfront beach bars, seaside cafes, and upscale terrace dining by the ocean shows a rich diversity in dining experiences. Some larger beach hotels and resorts offer excellent, onsite dining. Though Barbuda has significantly less options than the endless ones in Antigua restaurants, there is still a nice array of tasty food to try. Be adventurous, do as the locals do and you'll enjoy an authentic taste of the islands.

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