Antigua Scuba Diving

Antigua scuba diving is both incredibly interesting and diverse. Beneath the turquoise-colored waters of the Caribbean, you'll find a fascinating world of colorful marine life swimming through amazing coral reefs. The reef in Antigua and Barbuda is worth exploring whether you're spending a few minutes snorkeling or hours deep-sea diving.

When you're planning to do some diving in Antigua and Barbuda, taking care of the equipment is an important element of the planning process. Several of the local dive shops have everything you need available for rental or purchase. The staff can arrange to have the proper equipment at your Antigua dive sites, providing delivery by boat or air. If you book a vacation package that includes diving, the equipment is most likely included in your package price.

The shelves and deep walls at various places off the coast are fascinating places to do some diving, especially off the southern coast. Skilled divers report that Sunken Rock is one of the the best places for Antigua scuba diving. Whichever site you choose, it will not be more than 40 minutes from shore. Some of the most interesting sites are only minutes away.

Many of the Antigua dive sites are located closer to the sister island of Barbuda rather than the main island. This tiny island is dotted by alternating beaches of white and pink sand; it's one of the best places outside of Galapagos Islands to watch for frigate birds, powerful birds known for their red throats, black feathers, and massive wingspans.

Beneath the waters of Barbuda, you'll find an amazing world of reefs, both natural and artificial. As the best place for wreck diving in Antigua, these waters are home to a vast array of ships that never made their destination. In fact, the Codrington family, for whom the major city of Codrington is named, amassed a vast fortune with the rights to the wrecked ships that would later become favorite places for diving in Antigua and Barbuda.

Over the centuries, these wrecks have transformed into a durable home for fish and other underwater species large and small. The overturned hulls, work tables, old galleys, and so much more have changed over time. Because Barbuda is more isolated, the dive shops over on Antigua take care of providing equipment and training for this type of diving in Antigua and Barbuda.

Cades Reef is another one of the favorite sites for diving in Antigua and Barbuda. The two-mile-long natural reef is fascinating below the surface; above the water, you'll be able to see the surrounding island of Montserrat and its volcano. Many divers book sailing charters when they want to do some diving here. Beyond transportation, the charter boats provide divers with the equipment they need and guide service. Some packages even include lunch and sightseeing tours.

Another place to look for help in planning diving in Antigua and Barbuda, you'll want to consider all inclusive resorts. Many include diving expeditions as part of the package price at their private beaches. You might feel like the ocean is all yours without a lot of other people around. Plus, you can spend more time in the water at these Antigua dive sites when you don't have to spend all your time and energy getting from your hotel to the beach.

Whichever of the Antigua dive sites you choose to visit, chances are very good that the conditions will be nearly ideal. The weather is fairly constant throughout the year, with the air and water temperatures averaging around 80 degrees. Beneath the surface, you'll enjoy wide visibilities while Antigua scuba diving, sometimes up to 140 feet. The vistas are simply spectacular.



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