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Antigua flights are easy to find and can be booked in several different ways including through an agent, online, or directly with island vendors. There are scads of options and with those options come even more ways to personalize your vacation with pre-booked tours and excursions. A cheap flight to Antigua is easiest to find in the low season, between May and November. In high season, between December and May, cheap is relative. There are deals to be had with many including all inclusive vacations or vacation packages to keep costs down.

If you decide to fly to Antigua and Barbuda during peak season, then you've got your homework cut out for you. Competition is high and many hotels offer myriad deals with many different themes and options. If you book your flight, transportation and Antigua hotels together, the savings can be substantial. There are also many more options when the island is running at full capacity. If you're certain there are specific activities you want to try out, take it a step further and find out what's available as a package. Many hotels offer scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, and other water sports as a package at a discounted price for an advance booking. Just be sure to book with a trustworthy hotel that has solid reviews.

A cheap flight to Antigua with no amenities or services bundled in is easy to find, especially from May through November. Avoid the end of November as this is when hurricane season rolls in. Check several different companies before booking, even if you think you've found the best deal. Antigua flights are offered at as much as half the cost during low season so don't cheat yourself because of impatience. Look extensively. Though tourist amenities are more limited during low season, your cheap flight to Antigua paired with low tourist prices are the big pay off when traveling in off season.

Tourists can fly to Antigua and Barbuda, take a yacht into English Harbor from another island, or enjoy one of the many cruises that stop at port. Any cheap flight to Antigua will most likely land in St John's, the island's capital. From there, the island is your oyster. St John's is the most accommodating city on the island, and the largest by far. Antigua hotels, excellent dining, shopping, and sightseeing are easy to access. Major airlines offer regular Antigua flights from the United States and Europe as well as the Caribbean offering plenty of convenient traveling options. When debarking a cheap flight to Antigua, taxis are on hand to whisk you off where ever you want to go. Flying is still the most popular way to get to Barbuda from Antigua and is an easy 15-minute ride over 25 miles.

When you fly to Antigua and Barbuda, you'll need a valid passport and details about your hotel or resort. The afternoon is considered peak arrival time. It is just plain busy and chaotic. Antigua immigration has a reputation that precedes them. Wait times can be up to two hours and airport staff are not known for their affectionate manner. Be sure to have all travel documents in order and wait patiently and the gates will open to luxurious beaches, endless sunshine, and an unforgettable Caribbean island experience.


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