Antigua Sailing

Antigua sailing is an option in any season due to the constant trade winds in this area of the world and the perfect year-round weather. The small island in the heart of the Caribbean and its nearby sister, Barbuda, were once a staging point for the mighty British Navy. Today, they are home to a breathtaking show of strength, grace, and skill—Antigua Sailing Week—along with ample chances to explore beyond the shores.

Whether you're an expert or just want to go along for the ride, you'll find many opportunities to set sail in Antigua and Barbuda. Charter boats are readily available from many of the beaches, marinas, and ports all around the both islands. If your heart is set on a specific trip, it likely won't take very long to get from your hotel to the marina. Antigua is a rather small island and Barbuda is even smaller, so it rarely takes long to get from the hotels to any given Antigua sailing charters.

Even if sailing is completely new to you, can you can sit back and enjoy the ride as a professional captain takes on an excursion along the twisting coasts of the sister islands. If you'd like to learn a new skill, there are opportunities to take lessons on the ins and outs of Antigua sailing. The consistent trade winds, frequent charters, and year-round pleasant weather make conditions idea for pleasure excursions.

While many of the people who enjoy sailing are just for fun, others come to the Caribbean for the opportunity to practice their favorite pastime. Antigua sailing charters are an option for skilled sailors as well; bare-boat charters and crewed ships can be rented for the day or for an extended Antigua sailing vacation.

If you're interested in a peek at what Antigua sailing was like in the era when the British sailed the high seas, consider making a trip to St. John's, the island's capital city. Its historic district, aptly named English Harbor, is like stepping back into another era.

You can let your imagination set sail with a visit to Nelson's Dockyard National Park. Many buildings from the golden age of sail remain, now turned into a living history museum. In the Admiral's house, you'll find maritime instruments and exhibits explaining the life and career of Horatio Nelson, the British Navy, and the people of Antigua. Visiting this historic harbor inspires many people to choose time aboard one of the Antigua sailing charters to experience the heritage for themselves.

While the sun set on the British many years ago, the island entered a new golden age of the sail with the arrival of many special marine events, including Antigua Sailing Week. Throughout the year, the calendar of events also includes world-class regattas and yacht shows.

For many people, Antigua Sailing Week is the height of the sport, both spectators and captains. For more than 40 years, fans and crews have been planning vacations to the islands for the end of April to enjoy this event. The annual event includes the Dickenson Bay Beach Bash and several days' worth of races. Spectators line the beaches to catch a glimpse of the ships on the move. At other times of year, you'll find ample opportunities to watch the ships set sail.

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