Antigua Tours

Antigua tours reveal the history and heritage of the beautiful island with an interesting. Whether you're exploring the cities, historical sites, or natural wonders, you'll find memorable places to explore either on self-guided tours or planned, guided tours.

For many travelers, the first place to look for tours in Antigua and Barbuda is the capital city on St. John's. Now a mix of old and new, the city is a hub for dining, shopping, and live entertainment. It's also home to the cruise ship terminal, where many of the shops and restaurants are located. Whether visitors have stepped off their cruises or arrived by air, they'll find a lot to see on Antigua tours, chances to connect with the city's modern flair or historical character.

The city's heritage is evident in its architecture; many of the stately buildings were built by the British at the same time America was gaining independence. The British Navy used St. John's as foothold of power in the Caribbean, and its influence is easy to see on St. John's Antigua tours. One of the most striking elements of the city skyline, St. John's Cathedral, is the first thing many see when approaching on a cruise ship. Companies that lead St John's Antigua tours are eager to tell the story of the grand Anglican church that been a part of the city for centuries, as well as take you to farmers market, Museum of Antigua and Barbuda, and other interesting sites.

Another place to to connect with the island's history is Nelson's Dockyard National Park. Admiral Horatio Nelson commanded the British Navy from this base overlooking gorgeous English Harbor. When your Antigua tours bring you to the national park, you'll have the chance to see historic buildings and learn about the island's past. The Admiral's House is now a museum that tells the story of island from the Native Arawak people, rise and fall of the British, and the development of today's Antigua.

Nearby Shirley Heights is another must-see on your St. John's Antigua tour. High on a cliff overlooking Nelson's Dockyard and the harbor, it offers some of the best views in all of the Caribbean. While you're enjoying the scenery, you can explore the architectural ruins left by the British, including the officer's quarters. The overlook is also home to a restaurant, one of the most romantic places to dine anywhere.

Beyond St. John's, tours in Antigua and Barbuda take place both on land and the water. An Antigua Jeep tour is a fantastic way to explore the island—you can sit back and relax while a professional driver shows you the sights. A typical excursion travels through the lush jungle and to some of the formerly grand sugar plantations. You'll also have the chance to tour some of the island's beautiful beaches, and some packages even include lunch.

In addition to the land tours, you can explore from the water. A variety of tour companies lead sightseeing cruises of both Antigua and its smaller sister of Barbuda. On afternoon sightseeing tours or sunset sails, or any of the other boat tours in Antigua and Barbuda, the views are sure to be amazing. Some of these tours include time for diving and fishing.

Both of the islands offer an abundance of options for tours. No matter what you choose to see, be sure to bring along your camera as the scenery will be amazing.



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