Antigua Vacations

Antigua vacations will delight people looking for relaxation and those looking for adventure. The island of Antigua, and its sister Barbuda, in the heart of the Caribbean may be small, but they're packed with everything you need to enjoy a well-rounded and worthwhile getaway. With a variety of vacation packages, you can enjoy tremendous value on all of the elements you need to put together a pleasant time away from home.

Antigua Vacation Packages

Antigua Vacation Packages

The locals like to say there are 365 beaches, one for every day. With miles and miles of white or pink sand easily accessible, the beautiful beaches spur many people to plan a vacation to Antigua and Barbuda. With so many to choose from, even the busiest ones won't be too crowded. No matter which part of the island you visit or what vacation package you choose, there will be a lovely beach close by with opportunities for snorkeling and swimming.

A great thing about travel to Antigua is that, unlike many destinations, you know exactly what you will get. This island is located slightly north of the equator, and temperatures average a beautiful 75 degrees in winter and 85 degrees in summer. Very low rainfall makes Antigua the sunniest island in all of the Eastern Caribbean. If you’re looking for a destination in this part of the world that will deliver consistent weather, opportunities for outdoor adventure, and a blissful environment for relaxing, then Antigua is just right for you. Some travelers mistakenly think that this island is out of their price range, but with Antigua vacation packages you might find this trip is right within your budget.

Curtain Bluff is another popular resort for Antigua and Barbuda packages. This lovely property has been in business for more than 50 years, and its accommodations include 72 rooms and suites with private balconies and tropical décor. A great feature of Curtain Bluff is its access to many things to do—travel to Antigua can include a long list of outdoor activities. Beyond scuba diving and snorkeling, popular options include sailing, fishing, kayaking, yacht charters, windsurfing, and more. The winds that once helped British ships safely reach the ports of Antigua are now harnessed for leisure. Sailing is very popular here, and every year Sailing Week is an important event on the annual schedule. Curtain Bluff has great access to things to do outdoors, and the concierge can help arrange excursions if you’re interested.

The beaches are just the beginning of any vacation to Antigua and Barbuda. There's so much you could add to your packages beyond the overnight accommodations. You could take the chance to connect with history, sign up for some sailing lessons, or explore on land. The center of the island, which is never far from the beach, is home to some lush jungles, which can be explored on foot or on Jeep tours. No matter which tours you add to your Antigua vacations, you'll have the chance to see something amazing.

The interesting capital city of St. John's was built in the era when the British Navy ruled the high seas. Many of the Georgian-style buildings still stand proud, especially those now part of Nelson's Dockyard National Park. This living history museum shares the story of Antigua from the native people, to the arrival of the British, and the development of the island of today.

As you step into the Admiral's House, you can learn about Horatio Nelson, who commanded the Navy at the height of its power. Even if history isn't your thing, the amazing views of English Harbor will make a visit worthwhile.

The city, where the cruises dock, is also home to Heritage Quay, the centerpiece of tourism in St. John's. The wharf is home to several air-conditioned, duty-free shops carrying jewelry, apparel, and other fine things. You'll also find restaurants and a casino here; once night falls, the sound of live music fills the pleasant evenings. One of the island's beach hotels is found right here, and of course, there's a beach close to the action.

As with any vacation, decided where to stay is just as important as finding things to do. Antigua and its smaller sister island of Barbuda are home to a variety of hotels and resorts offering a wide array of overnight accommodations.

Whether your budget is better to suited to luxury hotels or budget efficiency rooms, you'll have many choices for where to stay. Several of the hotels offer Antigua vacation packages, making it convenient for you. You can just pick the package and start enjoying your getaway once you arrive. Vacation packages can bundle together many services and travel arrangements, often saving you money. The most common package deal is flights bundled with lodging, but look for adding in tours, activities, or other amenities. Other travelers book Antigua vacation packages that include transportation; both flights and cruises are readily available from the mainland. Regular air service departs from Miami, New York, and many other cities, and cruises leave from several ports in Florida.

For many travelers, the appeal of Antigua goes beyond its powdery beaches and gorgeous weather. Having been a British colony, the official language of Antigua is English, and this destination is ideal for both romantic adventures and family trips filled with water sports. There are Antigua and Barbuda packages to fit every budget, as the accommodation on the island ranges from boutique luxury hotels to more affordable options, so if you’re in need of a last minute winter vacation, there are often great deals packages to Antigua if you’re willing to do a little research or book at the last minute. Best of all, any effort you exert to get yourself on Antigua’s sandy shares affordably will be rewarded by a culturally rich island that delivers the perfect balance of relaxation and adventure.

Image: Antigua and Barbuda Tourist Office
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